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Top 10 most popular TVs on which.co.uk

With more than 100 TVs reviewed in 2018, we look at whether LG, Panasonic, Samsung or Sony's TVs are the most viewed

Top 10 most popular TVs on which.co.uk

Walk into Currys PC World or John Lewis and you’d be forgiven for thinking massive TVs were your only option. It’s true that these enormous TVs dominate shop floors and brand line-ups, but is anyone buying them?

We’ve reviewed most of the 2018 ranges from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony, as well as several from Philips and Hisense, in sizes ranging from 32 inches all the way to 65 inches. This means we can see exactly which brands and screen sizes are most popular, and roughly how much money people are willing to spend.

These are the top 10 most popular TVs on our website this year so far, including links to the reviews so you can see whether they are worth buying. Are any of them on your 2018 shopping shortlist and, if not, should they be? Let us know in our poll at the bottom of the page.

The best TVs of 2018 – are any of the popular TVs below among the best of the year?

The 50-inch LG 50UK6470PLC is the most popular TV of 2018 so far.

Where are Samsung’s TVs?

We didn’t have to dig too much deeper to find a Samsung TV. The UE43NU7400 was the 12th most popular TV, behind yet another LG, the 49SK8500PLA.

As the biggest TV manufacturer in the world you would expect Samsung to dominate our list of the most popular TVs, but it’s LG’s sets that have struck a chord in 2018.

The 43-inch UE43NU7400 is the most popular Samsung TV in 12th place.

One reason for the lack of Samsung models is the size of its range, which is much smaller than in previous years. The supremely popular 6 Series has been cut, leaving a quality-TV-on-a-budget-shaped hole in Samsung’s line-up. The 7 Series, to which the UE43NU7400 belongs, was supposed to plug the gap, but it seems that LG’s low-cost TVs have filled it instead.

Aside from the two OLEDs and two Full HD models, all the TVs in the top 10 are from LG’s mid-range Ultra HD series, which launched at temptingly reasonable prices – the same sorts of prices that a 6 Series would have cost you in 2017. We can only speculate as to whether 6 Series TVs could have pushed some LG models out of the top 10, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the 6 Series, or an equivalent, made its way into Samsung’s line-up in 2019.

How popular are Panasonic and Sony?

They’re still relatively big names in the TV game, but they’ve been losing ground to LG and Samsung for years now.

The 43-inch Panasonic 43FX650B was the 13th most popular review of the year so far, but we had to go much further for a Sony model. The 43-inch KD43XF8096BU is down in 19th place, which isn’t that bad considering we’ve reviewed more than 100.

Appetite for OLED TVs

The 65-inch LG C8 OLED is the 6th most popular TV.

We know from our research that most people don’t want to spend more than £750 on a TV, which is why it’s surprising to see two pricey OLED TVs in the top 10.

The 65 and 55-inch C8 OLEDs occupy the 6th and 9th spots on our list, despite costing more than £2,000 each. Desire to buy 65-inch TVs is negligible so it seems that, with much cheaper big-screen models available, the inclusion of the LG OLED65C8PLA is indicative of people’s curiosity about OLEDs in general, and how they’re purported to offer the best picture quality.

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