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Which boiler brands should you avoid at all costs?

Our latest results reveal whether boilers by the likes of Baxi, Vaillant and Worcester Bosch are likely to leave you cold this winter

Which boiler brands should you avoid at all costs?

One in four people who have bought a new boiler in the past six years have already had to repair it. Not good enough by a long shot, but imagine if you’re one of the people who bought a boiler from the least reliable brand in our survey – half of them have already had to pay out for costly repairs.

And it isn’t just the cold showers that will sting if your boiler breaks down. On average, it costs £220 to fix a broken boiler, and that’s without the time people might need to take off work to let in an engineer.

Every year we conduct a large, independent general public survey with boiler owners so we can tell you the brands you can rely on and those to avoid. We also survey expert heating engineers so you can get a fully rounded and expert review of each brand before you buy.

If you’re looking for a new boiler, make sure you buy one from the best boiler brand. Or read our advice on how to buy the best boiler.

Why you can trust our research

This year, we asked 8,458 members of the general public, each of whom have bought a new boiler in the past six years, about their boilers. They told us how often, if at all, they had broken down and generally how satisfied they were with the brand they purchased.

We also asked 171 Which? Trusted Traders to tell us about the boiler brands that they repair and install near enough every day of the year. From this, we can include boiler brand ratings for build quality, the availability of parts and spares, how easy it is to fix and service each brand, and ultimately whether heating engineers would recommend each brand.

The results of our research allow us to definitively tell you which are the best and which are the worst brands.

The best and worst boiler brands

The graph below shows the different rate that faults develop when you compare the most and least reliable boiler brand.

Only five in 10 of the boilers from the least-reliable brand are faultless after six years, compared with more than eight in 10 for the most reliable brand.

The difference between the most and least reliable boiler brands

This year, we’ve reviewed more gas boiler brands than ever before. Only three brands have a good enough reliability record, customer score and the stamp of approval from heating engineers to become Which? Best Buys.

The brands rated in 2019

List of boiler brands in the 2019 survey

To find out which brands make the best boilers, head to our boiler reviews, which tell you all about how the boiler will behave in your home, as well as whether it’s the right type and size for you.

Revealed: how much you should really pay for repairs

We asked 171 Which? Trusted Trader heating engineers to tell us how much they would charge to fix the 10 most common boiler faults.

If you need to have your boiler repaired, make sure don’t get ripped off by comparing the quotes you receive with the average cost that trusted heating experts would charge.

Log in now or become a Which? member to unlock the prices in our guide to common boiler problems and repair costs.

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