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Are these the top three 55-inch TVs of 2019?

Almost every 4K TV range has a 55-inch option. You're spoiled for choice, so let us narrow the search

Are these the top three 55-inch TVs of 2019?

Call off the search, we’ve found them: three 55-inch TVs that are both big and clever. So settle in and see if they are the top three from 2019.

The exciting thing about the 55-inch bracket is that it includes OLED TVs. Organic-LED display models are some of the best TVs we’ve ever clapped eyes on, though they’re expensive and no screen has ever guaranteed success.

In 2020 LG and Sony will release 48-inch models, but this will be the first time we’ve seen any smaller than 55 inches. Here are three 55 inchers at different prices. Is one your next TV?

Whatever the size, whatever the price, we will have a TV for you. Peruse more than 200 reviews from 2019 TVs right here.

The pricey one – LG OLED55C9PLA (£1,399)

Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves – we were always going to kick things off with an OLED. What more is there to say about these wafer-thin TVs that LG, Panasonic and Sony all put at the top of their ranges? Every piece of marketing bills them as the gold standard of TVs, with better contrast and motion fluidity than an LCD or QLED can manage.

LG is responsible for the popularity. It started the whole thing a few years ago before Sony and Panasonic jumped on the bandwagon, but have the two Japanese rivals usurped the South Korean king and bested LG at its own game? Our experts enjoyed this LG’s flawless sound and straightforward menus, but those things don’t count if the picture doesn’t hit the mark.

Read our review of the LG OLED55C9PLA to see if it’s the only 55-inch OLED worth your precious pounds.

With so much money at stake you need to be sure you’re buying the best OLED available, so you might also want to check out our reviews of the Panasonic’s TZ-55GZ950B and the Sony KD55AG9BU.


The cheap one – LG 55UM7660PLA (£469)

When we say cheap, we mean cheap: it’s less than a third of the cost of the OLED above. It’s one of LG’s more basic LCD 4K TVs (but there are still plenty of cheaper models). That means it gets the Magic Remote, with its nifty onscreen pointer, but none of the NanoCell picture-boosting technologies in the pricier 8000 and 9000 range LGs.

TVs are often packed with tech that makes little to no difference though (though some NanoCell sets are excellent) so there’s no need to ignore cheaper, more rudimentary-sounding sets.

Despite lacking cutting-edge tech, the 7660 exhibited a wonderful amount of detail. The extra pixels in 4K content helped the picture look even crisper, but even lower-resolution content had an eye-catching sharpness.

At less than £10 per inch of screen, the 7660 doesn’t need our help to stand out, but it absolutely warrants taking a closer look.

Read our full review to see if the sound and systems make the LG 55UM7660PLA the full package.

The one in the middle – Samsung QE55Q80R (£999)

It’s not quite a clean sweep for LG as Samsung has snuck in with the Q80R QLED. These two colossal TV brands go head-to-head each year and OLED vs QLED is one of the more fiercely contested battles.

On the one hand you have OLED where each pixel in the display is also a light source, which allows for impressive contrast and control over which parts of the screen are lit. QLED on the other hand is about dazzling you with vibrant colours. These screens still use a backlight so can be brighter than OLEDs, too.

The speakers on the Q80R wowed our experts. There simply shouldn’t be enough room in the chassis of the TV to squeeze in a set of speakers that provide such rich, well-balanced tones. Top-end sparkles like droplets of rain striking a full-bodied lake of bass, and the mid-range floats between with clear melodies and dialogue.

But is that stunning sound enough to recommend this TV over an OLED? Here’s our Samsung QE55Q80R review.

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