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13 Dec 2019

Which built-in oven brands can you rely on in 2020?

We've surveyed owners of big-brand ovens, including Bosch, Neff and Zanussi, to reveal the ovens that will roast perfect turkeys for many years to come

Our latest survey shows that nine out of 10 built-in ovens from the most reliable oven brand will remain trouble-free for at least eight years, while the least reliable risk developing faults well before this.

In our unique oven reliability survey of more than 2,000 Which? members*, you told us you expect your oven to last for 12 years before developing any kind of fault.

But these expectations could be dashed if you end up with a built-in oven from the least reliable brand in our survey - four in 10 of these will be faulty within just eight years.

One oven brand stands out head and shoulders above the rest for its reliability. As you might expect, this brand also has the happiest customers.

Head to our guide to the top 10 built-in oven brands for 2020 to see which brand topped the poll this year.

As well as an oven that lasts, you'll want it to turn out perfectly risen cakes and succulent, golden roasts. Head straight to our reviews of the best ovens to find out which models impressed in our lab tests.

Reliable built-in oven brands

The most reliable brand in our survey consistently makes ovens you can have faith in - nine out of 10 of its ovens keep going without problems for at least eight years.

Not only will this brand save you money on repair bills, but every single one of its models that we've lab tested in the last four years has been made a Best Buy.

The graph below shows just how much more reliable the top oven brand is compared with the least.

If you have the misfortune to own an oven from the least reliable brand, then there's a four in 10 chance your oven will develop a fault within eight years.

Oven brands with the happiest customers

Our survey results clearly show that reliability has a major bearing on whether an owner is happy with their oven.

We all want our ovens to be accurate, to heat up quickly and to cook evenly. But being let down by a fault when there's a hungry horde to feed or a special bake to perfect is a deal-breaker for customer satisfaction.

The most reliable brand achieved a customer score of 83% in our survey, based on satisfaction and likelihood of recommending to a friend - the least reliable scored just 59%.

How much do you need to pay for a reliable oven?

While ovens from the most reliable brand in our survey can be on the pricey side, you don't always have to pay an arm and a leg to get a reliable built-in oven.

Models from the oven brand that took second spot in our reliability survey have an average spend of just £350.

To see all the ovens we've tested, head straight to our built-in oven reviews.

Common oven faults

Most ovens have a light in them which comes on when the oven is on. Usually the light can also be turned on independently, which is handy if you're cleaning the inside of the oven by hand.

But our survey shows that a broken light is easily the most common fault with an oven. Although the oven is still usable, it means that to check on any bakes you'll need to open the door. The resulting loss of heat can risk sunken sponges or souffles.

Most oven lights are replaceable and you should be able to source a new bulb and fit it yourself. But if the fan stops working or your oven doesn't heat up as it should - the next two most common problems - then you'll need to call in a professional.

To get buying advice and more information on how to fix common oven faults, head to how to buy the best oven.

*In October 2019, we surveyed 2,373 Which? members to find out when they experienced a fault with their oven, what this fault was and how happy they were with their oven overall.