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Updated: 3 May 2022

Take the Which? car headlight quiz

Think you know your cars? How about your car headlights? Put your skills to the test in our quiz

Can you spot a Honda from a Hyundai, just by looking at their headlights? Find out by taking the Which? car headlights quiz.

There are seven manufacturers to identify (some easier than others). If you want to find out more about the cars featured in the quiz, click on the links in the answers to read our full, in-depth reviews.

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Are modern car headlights too bright?

The move to LEDs and even lasers has seen car headlights illuminate the road ahead better than ever before, helping to identify potential hazards at night.

But are dazzlingly bright headlights a danger to other road users? And does the brightness of other cars' headlights make it difficult for you to drive at night?

Have your say in the Which? Conversation on car headlights.