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Tens of thousands risk missing out on full state pension

If you choose not to claim child benefit, you may be reducing your State Pension entitlement. Which? explains how child benefit NI credits work.

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Spring Statement 2018: everything you need to know

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has delivered the first Spring Statement. Find out the latest economic updates and what they mean for you.

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Nine ways to save on tax before the end of 2017-2018

Before the new tax year starts, find out how to use up your tax allowances for the 2017-2018 year and what steps you can take to minimise your bill.

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Scottish income tax

Scottish Budget: two thirds of Scots to pay less income tax

A shake-up to the Scottish income tax system will see 70% of people pay less tax, though some are likely to pay more. Which? explains how much you'll pay.

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IHT shake-up: ‘complex’ inheritance tax rules face overhaul

Chancellor Philip Hammond has ordered a shake-up of the inheritance tax system - but how does IHT work, who pays and what is likely to change?

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tax changes suspended

Tax return deadline 2017: can you avoid HMRC’s fines?

The deadline to submit your tax return is tomorrow (31 January) - and you'll need to act fast to avoid a fine. Find out how to submit your return with our last-minute tips.

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‘HMRC’ scam texts blocked after fraud crackdown

Fake texts from 'HMRC' have claimed numerous victims - but now HMRC is fighting back with a high-tech solution. Find out how to avoid this scam.

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Council tax

Self-assessment deadline: mistakes make quarter of taxpayers overpay

Around 25% of people submitting a tax return have overpaid due to an error. With a week until the tax return deadline, Which? shares our top tax tips.

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‘My wife is seeing aliens’: the weirdest excuses to HMRC for late tax returns

As HMRC reveals the most improbable excuses and expenses on last year's tax returns, Which? explains how you can manage your self-assessment in 2018.

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Ask an expert: ‘I’m paying too much tax with payment on account’

Which? explains tax payment on account - how it's calculated, who needs to pay HMRC in advance, and how to adjust your payments if your income changes.

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