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Is it worth switching energy supplier for £50 reward?

Bulb, Good Energy, Octopus, Ovo and others are offering cash rewards to tempt you to switch energy supplier. But why are they paying out and is it too good to be true? We reveal what you should consider before you follow the money.

Top five cheapest energy deals for May 2019

Compared with last month, you could save £50 more by switching energy supplier, Which? analysis reveals. Find out which energy firms will save you money or compare gas and electricity prices to find the best energy supplier for you.

New energy firms to face tougher tests

Tougher checks for new energy companies will come into force in June. They aim to improve customer service and reduce the chance of new gas and electricity suppliers going bust, such as Economy Energy, Iresa and Spark Energy.

Customers’ top problems with their energy company (and how to solve them)

Energy price increases, gas and electricity bill problems and poor customer service are the most common problems energy customers face, according to Which? research. Find out how to solve them, or compare gas and electricity prices.

Top five cheapest energy deals for April 2019

British Gas, EDF, Eon, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE all now charge customers on their standard tariffs close to the maximum permitted by the price cap. Find out if you could save £329 per year. Compare gas and electricity prices.

First Utility rebrands as Shell Energy

First Utility has rebranded as Shell Energy, following the challenger gas and electricity supplier being bought by Shell last year. Find out what customers think of First Utility, plus compare gas and electricity prices for a good deal.

Three signs you should switch your energy supplier

If you’ve faced repeated energy price rises, confusing bills or poor customer service, it’s time to switch. Which? reveals the top three reasons for switching. Compare gas and electricity prices to see if you could save money.

Top five cheapest energy deals for March 2019

Switch from British Gas, EDF, SSE or any of the Big Six energy firms to save up to £324 per year on gas and electricity. Plus find out if your gas and electricity company is increasing your energy bill – and how to beat the hike.

Worst energy firm in our satisfaction survey is banned from taking on new customers

Gas and electricity firm Solarplicity is banned for taking on new customers for three months. This follows Which? research revealing Solarplicity as the worst energy firm. Find out how to save money on energy and get better service.

SSE raises energy prices by up to £117 a year

SSE is the last of the Big Six energy firms to raise gas and electricity prices for customers, following the increase to the energy price cap. Customers will pay 10% extra per year on average, adding £117 to their energy bills.

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