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Vodafone releases four new ‘internet of things’ devices

Mobile phone provider Vodafone is getting into smart-home tech with the V-Auto, V-Bag and V-pet, designed to keep track of your most prized possessions.

Ikea Tradfri smart bulbs can now be controlled from your iPhone

Several months later than initially planned, Ikea has rolled out an update that lets you use Tradfri bulbs with Apple HomeKit and iPhones. Was it worth the wait?

A smart home app

LG’s SmartThinQ appliances left vulnerable to hacking

A security flaw with the LG SmartThinQ mobile application left users of LG smart home appliances vulnerable to hacking, new research reveals.

Hoover Vision oven

Has Hoover designed the oven of the future?

The Hoover Vision smart oven has a full colour interactive touchscreen built into the door, and can connect to your phone via an app. Is this the future of cooking?

Is O2’s £17.50 a month smart home worth it?

For between £15 and £17.50 O2 will install a package of smart devices in your home. We see if the plans are good value or if you should shop elsewhere.

76% of Brits are scared of the smart home

A survey has found that 76% of people are fearful of smart tech. Are we right to be worried? Read our advice on the risks with smart home technology.

Google Home: a smart hub that sounds bad

The Google Home does everything from controlling smart tech to ordering taxis. It can play music too, but once you've listened to it you'd rather it didn't.

Should you buy a Netatmo Weather Station?

If you're interested in monitoring your local environment, you may have come across the Netatmo Weather Station. But is it any good? We take a look in our first look review.

What can you do with an Alexa voice controlled TV?

With Amazon's Alexa being integrated in to TV sets you don't even need a special remote for voice commands. Here's what you can do.

Is Hive’s £6 a month smart home plan worth it?

Would you pay £6 to get a smart home? We look at Hive's new Welcome Home Plan to see if its devices are any good and if £6 per month is a good deal.

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