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Broadband providers are coming up short on speed

We explored whether broadband providers are giving good information about broadband speeds, but some of the UK’s biggest are giving inadequate information to new customers.

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Three and Vodafone logos

Vodafone and Three to be investigated by telecoms watchdog

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has launched an inquiry into Vodafone and Three to assess whether they are altering online mobile traffic against EU ‘net neutrality’ rules. Net neutrality rules mean that...

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New code of conduct for broadband providers is announced

Today Ofcom has announced the introduction of stricter rules for broadband providers, requiring companies to offer more accurate information to customers when they sign up. These new guidelines are improvements...

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Sky TV announces price hike – your rights and how you’ll be affected

Sky is set to increase prices for millions of its subscription TV customers yet again. So-called 'out-of-contract' customers could be set to pay as much as £30 more per year.

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More homes to get ultrafast broadband

Ultrafast broadband could be coming to you thanks to new Ofcom rules. Find out if you can increase your speed and when the new faster service will start.

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5G in the UK: How fast is it and when will it launch?

Just as many of us are finally upgrading your mobile phone plan to a 4G subscription, talk of 5G has already begun in earnest. But what does it mean for you, and will you have to shell out for an even pricier subscription?

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Virgin Media wants to use your hub as a hotspot

Virgin Media customers have been told that the company is to expand its wi-fi network, with hubs being added to homes to work as wi-fi hotspots for other Virgin Media...

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Now Broadband launches – how does it compare to rivals?

Which? takes a look at the internet TV provider's deals and whether it is worth your time.

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Sky TV announces satellite dish will no longer be required

As of late 2018 you'll be able to receive programming to your Sky PVR via broadband instead

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Virgin Media TV customers to receive free V6 4K set-top box upgrade – but what’s the catch?

A year after the launch of the V6 box, the company's first 4K-enabled model, Virgin Media has announced plans to offer it as a free upgrade to Virgin TV customers - no £20 activation fee, and no re-contracting.

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