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Creating a successful enforcement system for UK Consumers.

Consumer's confidence in the payments they make everyday should be safeguarded. Banks do not currently provide the right level of protection for secure payment services like push payments. Consumer confidence in safe payments is important for the economy. - Which?

For Which? the consumer rights framework is the backbone of everything we do. Since 1957, we’ve existed to make consumers more powerful and for us to succeed, we need a consumer rights system that works. This means a system that makes sure that consumers are protected from harm – whether that’s scams or food safety risks. And if things go wrong for consumers, we want companies to take responsibility and be held to account, rather than passing customers from pillar to post, or hiding behind the small print. 

In this report, Which? highlights the weaknesses of the current system and proposes seven changes to create a regime that will protect consumers effectively. These proposals include expanding the role of the Competition & Markets Authority, and giving independence to the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS), as well as wider supporting changes for a more effective regime for the future. At Which? we’re constantly questioning every aspect of consumer life to see if things can be made better. The government needs to take this opportunity to make things better for consumers.   

Creating a successful enforcement system for UK consumers 219 Kb | 03 Feb 2019