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Everyday Finances

Which? report sets out what consumers need in a changing world of banking and payments. The report is part of the work Which? is doing to ensure we protect consumer access to banking in a digital age - Which?

Which? wants all consumers to have fair access to the products and services they need to get by in their day-to-day lives. 

We have been championing the cause for consumers since 1957, asking probing questions of businesses and manufacturers, and pursuing the answers that put consumers in the driving seat.

Which?'s new Everyday Finances research has highlighted that there are many people who feel that, as we are transitioning to a world dominated online banking and digital payments, they are no longer in the driving seat.

Over the past year, Which? has undertaken work to truly understand what is is people want and need from the UK banking and payments industry.


To build on this work Which? is publishing a Call for Insight and Collaboration alongside our report. This call for insight and collaboration is an opportunity for Which? to engage with others, to develop our understanding of consumers and to work together with others to achieve positive change for consumers. The details of the call for insight can be found here.

The full Everyday Finances report and summary of key statistics can be found here: 

Everyday Finances report 569 Kb | 27 Nov 2019
Everyday Finance Key statistics 176 Kb | 27 Nov 2019


Engaging Consumers

As part of this project Which? partnered with Collaborate Research to engage with consumers across the country. Throughout 2019 we worked together to speak to 116 consumers in four locations around the country - Glasgow, Cardiff, Morley and London.

The report on the findings, the annex including research materials and the project scoping document can be found here:

Everyday Finances Collaborate research report 1866 Kb | 27 Nov 2019
Everyday Finances Collaborate research annex 1794 Kb | 27 Nov 2019
Everyday finances scoping report 366 Kb | 09 Aug 2019