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Top five best gas barbecues

We round up our favourite top-scoring gas barbecues to make it simple for you to chose a great grill that is going to be easy to use, but - most importantly - will cook great tasting meals.

Put us to the test

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

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The best gas barbecue for you

Gas grills can be a pricey proposition; big brands like Weber cost much more than similar models from John Lewis and other lesser-known barbecue manufacturers. It it worth spending that extra few hundred pounds on a name-brand grill? 

We put every grill we review through a series of tough tests to find the grills that are the best as cooking. We also test for many other aspects, such as how easy it is to build, use and clean. These five grills have topped our tests and we feel they are worthy of a place in your garden. 


This gas barbecue is designed to be a good starting point for people who want to barbecue on gas. It looks great and boasts useful features, including an enamelled grill and flavouriser bars for smokier-tasting food. But does this gas barbecue for four to six people cook tasty, chargrilled food? Read our full review to find out.


We struggled to find fault with this brilliant gas barbecue. Our expert chef rated its cooking ability five stars out of five, praising the food’s perfect charring and mouth-watering succulence. It’s simple to use, too, with a quick heating time, easy-to-control heat and practical design.


This gas grill with stand is designed to give you the performance of a premium gas barbecue in a small package that's claimed to be easy to store and clean. We sent it to our test lab to see whether these claims stand up and discover if this gas barbecue cooks tasty, chargrilled food. Read on to see if this is the grill for you.


This small and compact two-burner barbecue that would fit nicely in a small garden. It's simple and full of high-spec features, but how well does it cook? We've tested and reviewed this gas grill to discover what it's like to use. Read our review to see if it's for you.


This gas barbecue’s fantastic cooking ability, high build quality and easy-to-use design make it a top pick. It has three burners and comes with some handy features including a cupboard, fold-down side shelves and sear plates, which make it easier to control the heat.

Some of the worst gas barbecues

The only way to tell if a barbecue is any good is to see how well you can barbecue a range of different foods on it, which is why Which? does exactly that in our independent lab tests. 

We ask an expert chef to cook sausages, chicken thighs and pork-and-vegetable kebabs on each one, using all of the features on offer. Then we have a bit more fun tasting and rating the food on how evenly cooked, tender and succulent it as, as well as how good it tastes and looks.

Not all barbecues pass this test. Some are plagued by flare-up, so food leaves the grill scorched in some places and undercooked in others. Or covered with an unsavoury black film; resulting from when gas flames hit food cooking on your grill. 

Other barbecues can cook ok, but are let down by being tediously slow to heat up, or lacking features that make them easy to use.

Here are three models that have left us feeling underwhelmed in our tests.


This 2-Burner gas barbecue costs under £200. You might be tempted, as it is less expensive than some competitor's 2-burner grills, but it won't cook your food to perfection. We've tested and reviewed this gas barbecue to see how it fared against the competition. Login to reveal all.


The imposing-looking 4-burner gas barbecue certainly looks like it can grill up a feast. With a lot of useful features and impressive-sounding specifications, but priced below its competitors, you might ve tempted to give it serious consideration. But it did a disappointing job of grilling; login to reveal which grill to avoid.


Its low price might be tempting, but we recommend you steer well clear of this gas barbecue. It struggles to retain heat, so food takes an age to cook and lacks flavour. Lots of flare ups mean it’s easy to burn food too.

We review more garden products than anyone else

We test thousands of products every year, from electric toothbrushes to cars. When testing barbecues in our lab, we assess far more than just how quickly and effectively they cook.

We assemble them first, looking at how well-built and sturdy they are, as well as checking out how easy each barbecue is to move and store. Once they are lit, we see how long they take to warm up, how easy to use and how well they cook, before finishing up with the tricky business of getting them clean again.

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