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Top five best gas barbecues

We line up the top five highest-scoring gas grills to make it easy to find the best gas-powered barbecue for your garden.

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The best gas barbecues are thoughtfully made, have all the features you need and, most of all, let you cook up fabulous barbecue food that’s guaranteed to impress family and friends.

The worst gas grills don’t cook food evenly at all and give you bland flavours that lack any authentic barbecue taste.

We’ve picked our top five gas barbecues from our expert lab tests in the table below. We also list the grills you shouldn’t waste your money on.

To see the full range of barbecues that have been put through our robust lab tests, compare our barbecue reviews.

In this article:

Best gas barbecues 

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This Best Buy barbecue is an excellent choice for inexperienced barbecue chefs because it's easy to get good results from. It has a high-quality finish and cooks tasty barbecue food. It's powerful enough to grill and roast food quickly and evenly, and its top-spec features make it extremely simple to use.


We struggled to find fault with this brilliant gas barbecue. Our expert chef rated its cooking ability five stars out of five, praising the food’s perfect charring and mouth-watering succulence. It’s simple to use, too, with a quick heating time, easy-to-control heat and practical design.


This gas grill with stand is designed to give you the performance of a premium gas barbecue in a small package that's claimed to be easy to store and clean. We sent it to our test lab to see whether these claims stand up and discover if this gas barbecue cooks tasty, chargrilled food. Read on to see if this is the grill for you.


This small and compact two-burner barbecue that would fit nicely in a small garden. It's simple and full of high-spec features, but how well does it cook? We've tested and reviewed this gas grill to discover what it's like to use. Read our review to see if it's for you.


This gas barbecue’s fantastic cooking ability, high build quality and easy-to-use design make it a top pick. It has three burners and comes with some handy features, including a cupboard, fold-down side shelves and sear plates, which make it easier to control the heat.

None of these gas grills jumping out at you? Take a look at our full range of barbecue reviews.

Gas barbecues to avoid 

Our tests have uncovered some disappointing gas barbecues - and not all of them are cheap to buy. Make sure to check out the lowest-scoring gas barbecues below to avoid making an expensive mistake:


This 2-Burner gas barbecue costs under £200. You might be tempted, as it is less expensive than some competitor's 2-burner grills, but it won't cook your food to perfection. We've tested and reviewed this gas barbecue to see how it fared against the competition. Login to reveal all.


The imposing-looking 4-burner gas barbecue certainly looks like it can grill up a feast. With a lot of useful features and impressive-sounding specifications, but priced below its competitors, you might ve tempted to give it serious consideration. But it did a disappointing job of grilling; login to reveal which grill to avoid.


Its low price might be tempting, but we recommend you steer well clear of this gas barbecue. It struggles to retain heat, so food takes an age to cook and lacks flavour. Lots of flare ups mean it’s easy to burn food too.

Useful gas barbecue features 

Here are three of the most useful features to look for when buying a new charcoal barbecue:

  • Fat drip tray - this stops your burners from flaring up when fat drips fall onto the grill, and are removable to make your barbecue much easier to clean.
  • Side burner - an extra little burner away from the main grill that can be used to heat pots and pans.
  • Griddle - a flat cooking surface usually at the side of the grilling area that can be used to sauté, braise or fry your food.

For expert advice on choosing your ideal grill, check out our barbecues buying guide.


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