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5 July 2021

Bosch ovens rated

Bosch makes everything from lawnmowers to boilers and coffee machines to chainsaws. But are its built-in ovens a reliable buy?
Jane Darling
Bosch Oven AdviceGuide v2

Bosch ovens are a popular buy among Which? members and the general public, too. 

They range from no-frills single and double ovens up to hi-tech offerings with pyrolytic cleaning, added steam and smartphone controls. 

Often considered a reliable choice, does this popular brand live up to the hype?

Bosch may be a well-known brand, but only our independent oven tests and owner surveys will confirm whether or not its ovens are great for cooking, and if they are reliable or prone to breakdowns. 

If you want to get straight to our latest reviews of currently available ovens, head to our built-in oven reviews.

Bosch ovens rated

Below, we reveal our expert view on Bosch ovens. We've pulled together our years of testing experience, review data and the views of Bosch oven owners to create an at-a-glance guide. 

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Number tested
Number of Best Buys
Average test score
Fault-free after five years
Customer score
Typical spend
Should I buy a Bosch oven?

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How much do Bosch ovens cost?

While the average price of a Bosch oven is around £500, there is a wide range of prices to choose from. Choices start from less than £300 for a budget single oven to more than £1,200 if you want a premium model with touchscreen controls and pyrolytic cleaning. Many can be controlled via an app on a smartphone or tablet.