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Best built-in oven brands

Most reliable oven brands

By Jane Darling

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We've surveyed oven owners to find out which built-in oven brands are prone to faults, and which will give years of stress-free reliable service.

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When you're choosing a new built-in oven, you'll want to be sure you're buying an oven which is excellent at cooking, and will last for years of use without needing costly repairs. 

Our unique reliability ratings, which we compile after surveying thousands of Which? members, reveal how reliable different built-in gas and electric oven brands are. We'll also tell you the most common oven faults experienced by owners, and which brands stay fault-free the longest.

We've ranked 12 of the most popular brands, including AEG, Bosch, Hotpoint, Neff, Siemens and Zanussi, in our brand reliability league table below - you can click on the links to go straight to reviews of ovens from that brand. Just want to see our full oven reviews? Skip straight to our built-in oven reviews to compare models.

Built-in ovens are generally reliable compared to some other large appliances, but there are still significant differences between brands. Go for one of the more reliable brands and you'll have only a one in 10 chance that your oven will develop a fault over five years. But pick a model from a less reliable brand, and you'll have a one in four chance of your oven letting you down over the same time.

Discover which oven brands were rated as most reliable this year in the table below, and which ones could be an expensive let-down. Only logged-in Which? members can view our exclusive reliability ratings in the table below. If you're not yet a member, sign up for a £1 trial to get instant access.

Which built-in oven brands are the most reliable?
Which built-in oven brands are the most reliable?
Brand Rating Reliability score
Table notes
Reliability ratings are based on a Which? member survey of 1,882 people conducted in October 2016 and use feedback on members' experiences of the brand that they own. The star rating shows how each brand's reliability score compares to other built-in oven brands. Brands with a rating of less than three stars cannot be awarded Best Buys for individual models. Table correct as of November 2016.


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Which oven brand stays fault free longest?

You've told us that, when you buy an oven, you think it should last nearly 12 years without developing a fault. Not all of them will though. Our table below shows those oven brands that actually stay fault free the longest.

Which built-in oven brand stays fault free for longest?
Which built-in oven brand stays fault free for longest?
Brand % faults after one year % faults after five years % faults after 10 years
AEG 5% 14% 19%
Bosch 4% 14% 16%
Electrolux 0% 13% 16%
Hotpoint 5% 22% 30%
Indesit 6% 19% 22%
John Lewis 10% 22% 24%
Miele 16% 18% 18%
Neff 6% 19% 22%
New World 0% 32% 40%
Siemens 4% 22% 27%
Stoves 16% 34% 39%
Zanussi 9% 22% 24%
Table notes
Based on feedback from 1,882 Which? members, surveyed in October 2016. Sample sizes: AEG 145, Bosch 295, Electrolux 45, Hotpoint 92, Indesit 32, John Lewis 59, Miele 51, Neff 560,  New World 40, Siemens 91,  Stoves 44, Zanussi 115. Table correct as of November 2016.

Please note, while data is shown for Hotpoint and Indesit in the tables above, we currently have concerns about how Whirlpool, the company which owns these brands, is handling safety issues regarding it tumble dryers, and are therefore not currently recommending any of its products.

How built-in oven brands compare

Built-in ovens are more reliable than some other kitchen appliances, with a reliability score of 80% across all brands. But that doesn't mean any oven is a safe bet. The best oven brand scored an impressive 88%, while the poorest scored just 66%.

88%the score achieved by the most reliable built-in oven brand in our survey

If you're looking for an oven which gives you a decade or more of trouble-free cooking, you'll want to pick from the brands which top our table. The top two brands have just a 16% chance that their ovens will develop a fault over 10 years. 

How we calculate built-in oven reliability

We work out reliability scores based on the proportion of ovens with problems per brand in our customer survey. Faults are weighted, so if a brand has more serious faults it will be awarded a lower score than a brand that experiences minor (repairable) faults. We also adjust scores according to the age of the oven. Newer ovens that develop faults early on will be more heavily penalised than models that develop a fault further down the line.

Any brand of oven that receives fewer than three stars in our reliability survey cannot be awarded any Best Buys regardless of how well individual ovens from that brand perform in our lab tests, as there's no point buying a brilliant oven that is more likely to let you down within the first few years.

Common built-in oven problems

In our survey, we asked Which? members what specific faults they had experienced with their ovens. Of those that had experienced problems, the most common built-in oven faults are:

  • Oven light broken: 29%
  • Oven not heating up properly: 12%
  • Electrical fault: 8%
  • Door not closing properly: 7%

Built-in oven repairs

We've investigated what to do about some of the trickier problems you might encounter with your built-in oven, surveying 106 appliance repairers about what advice they'd give for fixing common faults with built-in ovens and other home appliances. 

A broken door seal

  • Repairers’ advice - opinions among repairers were split, with slightly more advising customers to carry out the repair themselves than to get it done professionally or replace the oven
  • Cost of professional repair - around £60

Our advice It’s worth trying to repair it yourself – you can buy door seals online, typically for between £10 and £30.

A grill element not heating up

  • Repairers’ advice - repairers were most likely to say that you should pay a professional to fix this
  • Cost of professional repair - around £60

Our advice Call in a professional repairer. 

A fan that isn’t turning due to an electrical fault

  • Repairers’ advice - there wasn’t a clear consensus among the repairers we asked, but they were more likely to advise getting it fixed by a professional. There was a sizeable minority – around three in ten – who said that they would advise replacing the oven
  • Cost of professional repair - around £50

Our advice Call a repairer, and be prepared for the possibility of replacing the oven if it turns out to be a serious fault.