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Best built-in oven brands

Top 12 built-in oven brands for 2017

By Jane Darling

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We reveal the built-in oven brands which stand the test of time, using our unique oven owner survey data and independent reviews.

Put us to the test

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

Over 40 ovens a year are put through our tough tests. We rate how effective they are at cooking, how easy they are to use and clean, and how much you can realistically fit in them. We even try to fit a plastic turkey and tray of potatoes into each oven, to ensure you won't run out of room during the festive season.

As well as reviewing models from all the major built-in oven brands, we also regularly survey Which? members to find out what they think of their oven, and whether they've experienced any problems. We know which oven brands will give you years of trouble-free cooking, and which ones are likely to leave you regretting your purchase.

From AEG, Bosch and Neff to Zanussi, we've built up an unrivalled knowledge of the different oven brands available and how reliable they are - and we've found that the priciest options aren't always the best. Read on to see how the big oven brands stack up against each other, or if you want to skip straight to the ovens that have most impressed us, head to our pick of the best built-in ovens.

The table below gives our verdict on built-in oven brands. Only logged-in Which? members can view our exclusive ratings and verdicts in the table below. If you're not yet a member, sign up for a £1 trial to get instant access.

Built-in oven brands rated
Built-in oven brands rated
Brand Average review score Reliability rating Customer score Verdict
N/A N/A This brand tops the oven brand reliability list this year, only narrowly missing out on a coveted five star rating. So if you buy an oven from this brand you shouldn't be troubled by inconvenient breakdowns. We didn't test any new ovens from this brand in 2016, but the ones we've tested previously have scored reasonably well, though none are Best Buys. This brand's ovens won't generally have you shelling out a fortune, so we'd say they are definitely worth considering.
69% 79% This brand squeezes into runner's up position this year and also takes second place for it's customer score. Owners consider them good value for money and nearly eight out of 10 would recommend this brand to a friend. And when replacing their oven, just under four out of 10 opt for another oven from this brand. While recently tested ovens from this brand haven't quite made it to Best Buy status, some have been close and, overall, an oven from this brand should serve you well.
74% N/A This brand takes the bronze medal in this year's reliability race. While it's one of the priciest oven brands out there - don't think you'll get away with anything for less than £500 - you are likely to be rewarded with a decent oven that lasts for many years.
68% 73% This brand's ovens are reliable and, in the main, fairly good - though we were disappointed in a pair of double ovens that we tested that scored just 61% and 65%. Nearly three-quarters of those who own an oven from this brand would recommend it to a friend, and overall think they are good value for money. More than a third of this brand's oven owners went for another oven by the same brand when theirs came to the end of its useful life - which is a good sign.
72% 80% Which? members are great fans of this brand of oven, and with good reason. It achieves a good reliability rating and a decent average test score too - our testing has found its ovens to be consistently good. Owners of this brand of oven are a loyal bunch - over two-thirds stick to this brand when it comes to renewal time. Although they aren't cheap, owners consider this brand's ovens to be good value for money, and eight out of 10 would recommend one to a friend - reflecting the highest customer satisfaction score in 2016.
N/A N/A This brand's ovens get a good reliability rating and are cheap too. Our survey shows that after five years, fewer than one in five owners had experienced a fault with their oven. We didn't test any of this brand's ovens in 2016, but in previous years we have found they don't excel in our rigorous tests - they generally score in the mid-50s to low 60s, so while they may last, you might find the cooking results leave a little to be desired.
74% 72% This brand of oven does well in our testing and is reliable too. While it didn't get any Best Buy ratings from this past year's testing, we found a couple of great doubles in earlier testing that will serve you well. These ovens aren't a budget buy, but owners find them good value for money and nearly three quarters would recommend an oven from this brand to a friend.
67% 71% Although there were no really high achievers from this brand in our 2016 oven testing, we've got some decent Best Buys from previous tests that are popular purchases. This brand's ovens tend to be low- to mid-range on the price front, owners find them to be good value for money and around seven in 10 would recommend one to a friend. Overall, it came out as a reliable brand in this year's member survey.
65% 73% We've got one really great single oven from this brand to recommend from previous year's testing, but the two doubles we tested in 2016 proved less than perfect, scoring in the mid-sixties. Overall though, this brand's ovens are reliable, and approaching three quarters of owners would recommend this brand to a friend.
N/A 60% This brand's ovens came out as a reliable brand in our 2016 survey. These ovens tend to be relatively inexpensive, owners think they are good value for money and six out of 10 would recommend them to a friend. However, when it came to replacing their oven only 20% went for another oven from this brand.
69% N/A Unfortunately, this brand's ovens, while inexpensive, emerged from this year's survey as unreliable. After four years, more than a quarter of owners had experienced faults. Only one brand in our survey came out worse than this. In our tests, this brand's ovens do manage a reasonably respectable average test score, but there are no Best Buys.
67% N/A This brand, which is better known for its range cookers, gets awarded the wooden spoon, sitting at the bottom of the oven reliability table as it did last year. While it doesn't  have any Best Buys to its name, we have come across ovens from this brand that don't do badly. But overall, there are far more reliable brand choices out there.
Table notes
Customer score and brand reliability ratings are based on a Which? member survey of 1,882 people conducted in October 2016. The customer score is based on member satisfaction and whether members would recommend the brand to a friend. Reliability is based on whether members experienced problems with their oven. The average test score is calculated using results of all models tested to the current test programme. For ovens this is 2016 only, so sample sizes are small per brand. N/A means the sample size was too small to give a rating or we didn't test models from this brand in 2016. Table correct as of November 2016.


Member Content

Choosing the best brand of built-in oven

Every year we survey thousands of Which? members about the appliances they own so you can find out the brands of built-in ovens they rate highly and the ones they wish they'd never bought. 

This year, the oven brand reliability ratings in the table above are based on responses from 1,882 Which? members. Our data covers 12 built-in oven brands including Neff, Bosch, AEG and Zanussi.

88%The top reliability rating for a built-in oven brand
While no oven brand achieved the top five-star rating for reliability this year, six brands got a respectable four stars. One of these is a relatively budget brand – on average you’ll spend £380 for one of its ovens, but you can get away with even less.
80%The top customer satisfaction rating for a built-in oven brand

Another brand achieved a chart-topping customer satisfaction rating of 80%, with 62% of owners choosing to buy from the same brand again when when their oven came to the end of its useful life.

Two brands failed to achieve a decent reliability rating from our members, scoring just two out of five stars. This means even if an individual oven from one of these brands scored well enough in our tough cooking tests to be a Best Buy, we wouldn't recommend it as it is more likely than most to break down early.

How we calculate the best and worst oven brands

We ask oven owners whether they've had any problems with their oven over the years. We rate more serious faults - and faults that occur early on in an oven's life - as worse than ovens which are affected by minor faults, or that give up the ghost further down the line.

We also award each brand a customer score. This is based on how satisfied owners are with their oven and whether they are likely to recommend the brand to friends and family.

These ratings, together with our average review score rating for each brand and owner's assessment of whether their oven offers value for money, give a unique and comprehensive picture of the built-in oven brands worth buying to help you narrow down your search.