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16 July 2021

Chubb burglar alarms review

Before you spend your money on a Chubb monitored alarm system, read our review to find out what its customers really think of the brand.
Liz Ransome-Croker

Our latest survey reveals where Chubb sits in the league table of monitored alarm companies. We've pitted it against ADT, AMCO and Banham monitored alarms.

The company in first place out of the monitored alarm companies got a great customer score of 73%. At the other end of the scale, the brand that scored lowest got just 59%. 

These scores come from asking customers how satisfied they are with their alarm and company and whether they would recommend it to a friend.

Which? members can log in now to unlock the scores and ratings in the table below, as well as those for all the other brands. If you aren't already a member you can join Which? for instant access.

Chubb monitored burglar alarms rated 

See how Chubb was rated for value for money and ease of setting the alarm by its customers.

Chubb burglar alarms
Ease of setting the alarm
Value for money
Customer score

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Chubb home security

Wired and wireless alarm systems

Chubb has a range of alarm systems, some of which are wireless and others that can be either wired or wireless. All of them can be tailored to meet your home's needs, depending on its size, location and security risk level. Some are designed for businesses rather than residential properties.

Its smallest alarm is the Chubb Wireless 16, which it says is suitable for homes and small businesses. Its Chubb Advisor Advanced and Galaxy systems are larger, so more appropriate for businesses, shops and industrial premises.

There are a lot of different elements that can be added to a Chubb system, including cameras and monitoring – more on this below. Chubb offers a 'security audit', in which someone will assess the potential dangers in your home to determine the protection needed. 

Most companies will do something similar before you make your purchase to ensure the alarm fits your needs, but these don't tend to come with full written assessments.

Chubb monitored alarm systems

Chubb offers alarm systems that are combined with a monitoring contract. That means you pay a company an ongoing fee to monitor your alarm and it will then take action if the alarm is triggered.

What it does depends on the type of contract you have opted for. It will either alert the police, or notify a nominated 'keyholder' – usually yourself and a friend or relative.

It also offers maintenance and service contracts, in which your alarm will be checked regularly (usually remotely) to ensure it's in good working order. Again, the checks and repairs that come as standard will depend on the level of servicing you have paid for.

Home security camera

Chubb can also monitor your CCTV – an existing system or one of it's models – at an additional cost.

It sells internal and external cameras, including 360-degree fish-eye cameras. 

Like it's alarms, its cameras can also be checked remotely to ensure they're working properly.

Smart home security

Although not labelled as 'smart', the Chubb Wireless 16 can be monitored and controlled from your mobile using an app, just like any smart security system.

Smoke alarms and other home security

Alongside Chubb's monitoring service, it has a comprehensive fire safety package. For homeowners, it can keep an eye on your smoke alarm and act if it goes off, while for businesses there is a raft of additional measures, such as fire risk assessment and training.

It also sells carbon monoxide detectors, panic alarms and Beam sensors that can be used inside and out – most alarms come with indoor-only detectors. It also has video and audio entry panels to help you keep an eye on who is at your door.

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