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4 June 2021

Honeywell burglar alarms review

Read our guide to Honeywell burglar alarm systems to find out what its customers really think of it, and whether it offers value for money.
Liz Ransome-Croker

We've asked 1,398 owners of unmonitored alarm system to rate their brand of burglar alarm. Here, you can find out how Honeywell's customers rate it, including the ease of setting the alarm and value for money.

The top brand got a customer score of 73% – 14 percentage points higher than the bottom brand, which got 59%. 

This score comes from asking people how satisfied they are with the brand and whether they would recommend it to a friend.

Which? members can log in now to unlock the scores and ratings in the table below, and to find out how all the brands, including Yale, Response and ADT, were rated. 

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Honeywell burglar alarms rated

Our table reveals how Honeywell was rated for ease of setting the alarm and value for money.

Honeywell burglar alarms
Ease of setting the alarm
Value for money
Customer score

Discover how this compares with other unmonitored burglar alarm brands, including big names Yale, Chubb and ADT.

Honeywell monitored alarm systems

While Honeywell burglar alarms can be purchased as monitored alarms from independent retailers, the central monitoring services aren't supplied by Honeywell directly. 

The monitoring contract will be managed through the independent retailer, who will also install the alarm in your home. Our review is for Honeywell's unmonitored alarms, not the monitored ones.

Honeywell home security

Honeywell sells alarms and security products worldwide, for both homes and businesses. The two ranges readily available for homeowners in the UK are the Home Alarm and Evo Home. 

You can buy these alarm systems from DIY and online shops, such as Amazon, Screwfix or Maplin, and they're designed to be easy to install yourself. 

Wireless alarm systems

Honeywell's Home Alarms and Evo Home alarms are wireless, with the latter having smart capabilities as well (see more below). 

The Home Alarm includes a few different models, such as the Quick Start and Apartment alarms, which are suitable for different sizes of house.

These alarms come with key fobs/tags, which allow you to set and deactivate your alarm using a type of key from 150 metres away, rather than entering a number into the keypad. 

Smart home security

The Evo Home alarm range can connect to your mobile phone or tablet, enabling you to monitor and control your burglar alarm remotely using its TCC app. This is the same as with a lot of smart security systems

You can also connect it to one of Honeywell's smart thermostats, so that you can control the heating in your home as well as your security. You can visit our smart thermostat reviews for more information.

Security cameras, smoke detectors and other home security

As well as the usual sensors you get with an alarm, you can also buy ones that can detect and warn against additional problems, such as carbon dioxide and fire.

The Evo Home alarm also comes with an option to have a built-in camera, allowing you to actually see what's going on in your home. In addition, there is an option to buy a 'panic alarm' key fob, to alert people of an emergency. 

Find out more about the different types of burglar alarm, including smart and dialler alarms (both of which contact you if your alarm goes off), to help work out what's best for you.