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16 July 2021

Yale burglar alarms review

Thinking of investing in a Yale alarm system? Read on for Which? ratings, based on our exclusive survey of burglar alarm owners.
Liz Ransome-Croker

We've surveyed 1,398 burglar alarm owners to find out which brands are best rated for value for money and setting the alarm, as well as overall customer satisfaction. 

Our top-rated brand achieved an impressive customer score of 73%. The brand with the lowest score got 59%.

These customer scores are derived from a combination of customers telling us how satisfied they are with the brand, and whether they would recommend it if asked.

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Yale burglar alarms rated

We also asked people to rate specific elements, such as ease of setting the alarm and value for money. The table below shows all the ratings for Yale alarms.

Yale burglar alarms
Ease of setting the alarm
Value for money
Customer score

Find out how Yale compares with the other big-name burglar alarm brands by visiting our best and worst burglar alarm brands page.

Yale home security

Although it's most well known for its locks, Yale sells a number of security products. 

Its alarms come in bells-only varieties - which simply make a noise - and versions that will alert you if they're triggered.

Wireless alarm systems

Yale also has an EF-Series wireless alarm range, which includes three versions. Two are bells-only alarms - the Apartment Alarm Kit for smaller houses and flats, and the Standard Alarm Kit, which includes a few more pieces. 

The Telecommunicating Alarm Kit is effectively a speech dialler alarm. This means that it will contact you, or nominated friends and family, if the alarm goes off. You won't be able to control the system though, as you can with the Smart Home Alarm (see more below). 

All Yale alarms give you the option of having a key fob, which means you can set the alarm away from the control panel, without needing to use a number.

All of Yale's alarms are designed to be DIY-friendly, so you should be able to install their alarms yourself. Yale products are widely available in DIY and online shops, such as Screwfix and Amazon, and from its own website.

Smart alarms

Yale's Smart Home alarm can connect to your mobile phone or tablet using the Yale Home App, which means you can monitor and control it from anywhere. It can also connect with other smart devices from Yale, such as locks, cameras and smart plugs, and other companies, including Samsung.

This isn't unique to Yale - several companies sell smart home security systems that can communicate with a range of devices. You can find out more about the possibilities with them, and what you'd need to consider, with our smart home security explained guide.

Wireless security cameras

Yale's alarms don't come with cameras, however, it does have a range of wireless indoor and outdoor models, which can connect with other smart Yale products.