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12 July 2021

Drimaster Heat: first look review

The Drimaster Heat positive ventilation system promises to cure condensation and remove air pollutants. But does it really work?
Which?Editorial team
Drimaster 435873

A Which? researcher had the Drimaster Heat installed in her home, to bring you our first impressions. Log in to read the full first look verdict below.

The context: I've suffered with condensation and black mould in my 1920s bungalow since I moved in five years ago. I've tried various ways to get rid of the problem, such as improving the insulation of my single-brick walls with thermal wallpaper, adding more roof insulation, installing automatic extractor fans in the bathrooms and vents in the external walls. But nothing has sufficiently stopped the condensation and I was coming to my wits' end. 

In the colder months, I had to remove a thick coating of condensation from the windows every day, and I regularly had to treat black mould that was growing on walls, wardrobes and window frames. I was particularly concerned about the mould growing in my children's bedroom.

I decided to give the Drimaster Heat positive input ventilation system a try to see if it could help. At around £315, it was a lot cheaper than other ventilation systems that I'd spoken to damp-specialist companies about, and I could get it installed by a local electrician. 

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