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Updated: 2 Mar 2022

Which dehumidifier brand to buy in 2022

Discover the dehumidifier brands you can rely on. Find out which brands get top marks from our expert testers and from those of you who own them
Christina Woodger
Meaco dehumidifier

Complete failures, auto functions or humidistats stopping working and inconsistent performance are three of the most common dehumidifier problems, according to our survey of 1,000 owners.

Knowing which brands may develop the most faults can be useful when choosing a new one. That's why we asked Which? Connect panel members to tell us how pleased they are with their dehumidifier, whether they'd experienced any problems with it and whether they'd recommend their dehumidifier brand.

We've got data on some of the biggest brands including Meaco, Ebac and DeLonghi - so you can discover which ones won't let you down.

Just want to know which dehumidifier will get you out of a damp situation? See our reviews of the best dehumidifiers to find out which ones come up trumps in our tests. 

Best dehumidifier brands rated

The table below summarises this year's results. Brands are ranked by their customer score, which reveals how satisfied owners are with their dehumidifier and how likely they are to recommend it, plus how each brand's dehumidifier scores on average in our independent lab testes.

Only logged-in Which? members can discover which brands are the best in our table. If you're not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access.

Brand nameAverage test scoreCustomer loyalty% faultyValue for moneyCustomer score
  • Table notes: Ranked by customer score. Data taken from a survey of 1,050 Which? Connect panel members who own dehumidifiers, carried out in April 2021.
  • Average test score Based on all models showing online as of July 2021.
  • Customer loyalty Shows how loyal dehumidifier owners were to the same brand when replacing their model. A dash (-) means we don't have enough data.
  • % faulty Based on the owners' current products up to seven years old.
  • Value for money Based on owners' opinions.
  • Customer score How satisfied owners are and how likely they would be to recommend the brand.

Verdict: top dehumidifier brands in depth

We've pulled together our survey data and independent test results, along with insight from our dehumidifier experts, to give you the lowdown on each brand covered by our survey.

Read on to find out the pros and cons of each brand, and which ones are worth buying.

The brands are ordered by their customer score, which reveals whether owners are satisfied with the brand and if they'd recommend it to others. 

Only logged-in Which? members can see our unique test scores and customer satisfaction survey results. 

If you're not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access to our in-depth verdicts on the following brands, listed here in alphabetical order:

  • DeLonghi dehumidifier verdict
  • Dimplex dehumidifier verdict
  • Ebac dehumidifier verdict
  • EcoAir dehumidifier verdict
  • Electriq dehumidifier verdict
  • Meaco dehumidifier verdict

The three most common dehumidifier faults

Our lab tests cover some of the most important tasks a dehumidifier performs (including their water extraction, energy efficiency, humidistat function) as well as how easy they are to use and the noise they produce. But there are some things our extensive testing can't reveal - the most common dehumidifier faults is one of them.

Our Which? Connect panel members have reported the following as three of the most common dehumidifier faults:

  • 32% – Stopped working/complete failure
  • 14% - Auto function or humidistat function stopped working
  • 11% – Inconsistent performance/very noisy

Dehumidifiers are appliances that you need to leave running for a while, so noise can be a real problem. This is why we include a quietness rating in our dehumidifier testing. 

Our expert lab testers subjectively rate how noisy each dehumidifier is. This can range from a gentle, barely noticeable hum to a great gurgling that makes the unit sound like it’s about to take off.  Some dehumidifiers have variable speeds, so we also check how much noise each one makes at its highest and lowest settings.

If your dehumidifier is less than six months old and you experience problems such as a function failure or a complete failure, see our faulty goods advice guides to see how you can take action.

How we calculate the best and worst dehumidifier brands

We have a wealth of information on popular dehumidifier brands. 

Every two years, we ask the Which? Connect panel members to tell us about their experiences with a range household appliances – from how likely they'd be to recommend a brand to a friend, to how long a product lasted before it developed a problem.

This year, more than 12,000 survey participants told us about more than 38,000 products, including 1,000 dehumidifiers.

Our survey results, combined with our independent testing data, mean we can give you an unrivalled insight into the dehumidifier brands you should opt for.

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Last checked: July 2021.