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Best Buy dishwasher tablets

by Patrick Gallagher

The best dishwasher tablets will get your food-encrusted dishes clean and shiny, and your glasses smear-free. Here, we reveal the very best.

Put us to the test

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When you look at the array of dishwasher tablets on the supermarket shelves, you have no way of telling which will get your crockery clean and shiny. You also can't tell which clean so poorly they leave behind watermarks and food stains - which would leave you having to give your dishes a second wash by hand.

Here's where we come in. Not only will we save you on elbow grease, but we’ve found brilliant stain-busters that are also great value – costing a third of the price of the most expensive dishwasher tablets. So you can also use our test results to save money on your weekly shop.

At Which? we test a range of all-in-one dishwasher tablets from big brands, including Fairy and Finish, and supermarket own-brands. 

  • We score each dishwasher tablet for how well it removes common food and drink, such as tea and pasta. The best remove even the most stubborn stains.
  • We reveal the detergents that leave glasses streaky and smeared, or remove food and drink so poorly you'll have to redo your dishes by hand.
  • You can use our cost-per-wash figures to find the best dishwasher tablets for your budget, as well as your dishes.

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How we uncover the best dishwasher tablets

We put the most popular branded dishwasher tablets through our tough lab tests, including Ecover, Fairy and Finish, as well as supermarket brands. So when you put a Best Buy tablet in your dishwasher, you can be confident that it will shift food residue, and keep your dishes, cutlery and glasses shiny and smear-free better than rival detergents.

  • Cleaning Our lab experts dirty plates, cups and glasses with tough everyday food and drink to see how much each product removes in a wash. The best leave dishes sparkling clean, but some products leave muck behind you’ll need to wash off by hand.
  • Filming and cloudiness We put glasses, plates, cutlery and plastic food-storage boxes through 30 washes to find out how good each dishwasher tablet is at rinsing them and preventing water marks, streaks and spots building up.
  • Brilliance Our dishwashing experts use a reflectometer to examine plates and glasses to see if they’ve dulled after 30 washes.

Dishwasher tablet reviews you can trust

We’ve tested and rated dishwasher tablets from the biggest brands in the Which? test lab, including Fairy and Finish, and discovered that the priciest won’t necessarily get your dishes perfectly clean.

Which? is independent – we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test results. We're not influenced by third parties and we don't accept freebies from product manufacturers or retailers. We buy all the products that we test ourselves, so our advice helps you to make the right choice first time and avoid costly mistakes.

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