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Updated: 3 Aug 2021

Reebok gym equipment review

Reebok's whole range of gym equipment, including Reebok treadmills, weights and exercise bikes, has been rated by owners in our exercise brand satisfaction survey
Jake Massey
Legs on a Reebok exercise bike

Reebok has been in the fitness and sportswear market since the 1950s. It sells a range of home gym equipment, which includes cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills and weights.

The brand was first founded in Britain, and since 2005 it's been a subsidiary of Adidas. Its popularity has helped it to launch a massive range of products for sale in many retailers.

Read on to find out more about the products in the Reebok range, and how the brand scored in our customer satisfaction survey. 

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Reebok satisfaction survey results

In October 2020, we asked Reebok customers about the equipment they'd bought within the past five years to help us uncover whether the brand has happy customers, and how they rated Reebok's products for ease of use, build quality, and value for money.

Which? members can log in to reveal how Reebok scored in our exercise equipment brand satisfaction survey. If you're not yet a Which? member, try Which? to access the results. 

Reebok product typeCustomer scoreEase of useBuild qualityValue for money
Cross trainers (44)
Exercise bikes (49)
Rowing machines (50)
Treadmills (46)
Weights (68)

Table notes: Scores are based on an online survey of 3,548 members of the public in October 2020. Sample size for each equipment type shown in brackets. Customer score: based on satisfaction with the brand and likelihood to recommend. Ease of use: the brands that scored highly in our survey had products that were rated as easy to use on a day-to-day basis. Build quality: brands that scored highly in this area had products that were rated as well made and designed. Value for money: high-scoring brands had products that were rated as worth the money they cost to buy.

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Reebok gym equipment range

We've highlighted key features of Reebok's range of gym equipment below. To see its full range of exercise bikes, weights and more, and to find out where to buy, visit the Reebok website.

You can also buy a range of Reebok exercise equipment on the Argos website

Reebok cross trainers

Reebok currently has 10 cross trainers listed on its site, including the GX and ZJET series. These offer adjustable electronic resistance levels, a 9kg flywheel and an LCD display. Some models, when they have Bluetooth functionality, are compatible with the Reebok Fitness App. This offers live tracking and a virtual riding experience with Google Street View.

How much do Reebok cross trainers cost?

Reebok cross trainers typically cost between £300 and £700, with most models falling somewhere in the middle. This is pricier than the likes of Roger Black and other budget brands, but by staying shy of £1,000 Reebok looks to appeal to a broad audience of novice buyers as well as more experienced customers.

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Reebok exercise bikes

Reebok's roster of exercise bikes is extensive, with more than 10 currently listed on its website. All of them have adjustable electronic resistance levels and LCD screens to relay information, though none of the screens are designed for livestreaming classes or watching media. 

The GSB Bike uses self-generated power when you pedal, while the ZJET 460, A6.0 and SL8.0 bike are Bluetooth compatible and enable you to use the dedicated Reebok Fitness app. 

How much do Reebok exercise bikes cost?

These are also mid-range products, ranging from £300-£500 depending on how advanced the features you want are. Reebok aspires to be the middle-ground option between the budget brands and the ultra high-tech premiums. 

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Reebok rowing machines

The Reebok ZJET Rowing Machine has 16 resistance levels and it folds for easier storage. A rectangular console with a button interface relays information to you, including timings, distance travelled, calories burned, and heart rate. 

How much do Reebok rowing machines cost?

Reebok's rowing machine costs between £300 and £600 depending on the offers of the day, which is in line with the brand's mid-market pricing for other home gym products. 

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Reebok treadmills

Reebok's treadmill range is extensive. Popular models include the Reebok One GT30, which is the brand's entry-level treadmill. It's marketed as a compact treadmill. It folds in and has a 130cm track, as well as 12 levels of incline and a maximum speed of 16 km/h.  

Also popular is the Reebok Jet series which includes the 100, the 200, the 300, and the 300+. They all include variable elevation and a media hub which can play your mp3 music from built-in speakers. The newer the iteration, the more expensive the treadmill, with the 300+ offering a massive 45 preset programmes and 20km/h speeds.

Woman running on a Reebok treadmill

How much do Reebok treadmills cost?

Costs range between £400 and £1,100, with most treadmills at the lower end of that scale. The highest-priced treadmill is the Reebok 300+, which will set you back £1,099.

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Reebok weights

Reebok sells a range of vinyl coated dumbbells up to 5kg and kettlebells up to 8kg. It also sells 7ft bars, as well as other equipment such as resistance tubes and wrist weights. 

How much do Reebok weights cost?

As with any range of weights, the variety is enormous and it depends on how much weight you're buying. But as a starting point, two 3kg dumbbells cost around £28, with two 4kg dumbbells going up to £37.

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Prices last updated in February 2021.