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Top three garden shredders

By Adelaide Gray

We round up our favourite high-scoring garden shredders to help you shred up garden prunings quickly and efficiently.

Put us to the test

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The best garden shredder for you

The three garden shredders below have all proved their worth in our thorough tests and been named Best Buys, so you can be sure they'll shred garden debris smoothly and effectively, without frustrating blockages or deafening noise.

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Top three garden shredders


This Best Buy heavy roller shredder deals with on garden waste brilliantly. It draws material through the machine very effectively, crushing or cutting it into manageable chunks. It doesn't block very often and has a reverse function which is very effective at clearing any jams in the machine.


A top-of-the-range roller shredder with a turbine cutter, designed to prevent blockages, this powerful machine will make short work of woody and green debris. It's quiet to use and still churns through a hefty amount of material in a few minutes.


This is a great little impact shredder for lighter loads - it whizzes through material very quickly, plus blockages are easy to clear so won't slow you down too much. The robust temper helps to push softer waste and stray pieces of branch through the machine, and it copes well with soft, fibrous waste such as stringy perennials.

Some of the worst garden shredders

The only way to tell if a garden shredder is any good is to chop up a range of different clippings from the garden, which is exactly why Which? does exactly that in our independent lab tests. We use each garden shredder to cut up thicker branches and pruning to see how well they chop it, and how quickly and easily they handle all your garden waste. 

Not all garden shredders are great. Here are three models that leave you feeling underwhelmed as they fail to cut thicker branches, get blocked easily or are very hard to unblock. 

But avoid these mediocre models


This noisy shredder blocks easily, even when putting through straight branches. It can’t cope with thick branches either.


This shredder is both hard to use and doesn’t shred well. It blocks frequently and is hard to unblock.

Why Which? garden shredder reviews are better

When clearing up garden prunings, you want a reliable and quick shredder that'll help you whizz through the job - not one that's constantly blocking up, struggling with certain materials or making a racket. We put garden shredders through their paces in our tough tests so you can choose one that'll make your gardening chores that bit easier.

Each shredder has material fed through it for 10 minutes. We rate how easy it is to put branches into the machine, then weigh the material produced to see how much it shredded. We put a variety of garden debris into each shredder to see how good it is with different types of material, including:

  • Straight, fresh branches, up to 20mm in diameter
  • Prunings from an overgrown conifer hedge
  • Spiny and woody branches with side-shoots growing at awkward angles
  • Soft, fibrous plants
  • Dead branches up to the maximum diameter specified for the shredder (typically 30-40mm).

We rate how fine the shreddings are and how much the machine blocked in the process, plus how easy it was to clear out when it did. The shredders are assessed for speed and efficiency, as well as noise and vibration, and how easy they are to move and store. We also look at overall ease of use as well as safety, so we get an idea of how user-friendly they are for experienced and novice shredder users alike.

To find the best shredder for your garden, go to our independent garden shredder reviews.


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