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Best lawn mower brands

Flymo lawn mowers - should I buy one?

By Victoria Pearson

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Looking to buy a Flymo lawn mower? Find out what to look for in a Flymo and whether to get a hover mower.

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Flymo lawn mowers, with the distinctive orange colour, are often the first lawn mower people buy. The mowers are widely available and an inexpensive option. 

Flymo is best known for its range of electric hover mowers. As the name might suggest, these float on a cushion of air as they cut the grass. They’re light, quick and easy to use. 

Although Flymo is best known for its hover mowers, it also makes a range of the more traditional corded-electric wheeled rotary lawn mowers - you can find out which are the best models in our full Flymo lawn mower reviews.

As well as testing lawn mowers in the field, we survey hundreds of lawn mower owners each year to find out how reliable each brand is, as well as the views of people who actually own them.

Which? verdict on Flymo lawn mowers

Based on all our research, we've produced an at-a-glance guide to Flymo lawn mowers in our table below. We've collated all of our test results of Flymo lawn mowers, plus added our unique ratings of brand satisfaction and reliability.

The table below outlines how many of the brand’s current models are Best Buys. It highlights Flymo's overall pros and cons as a lawn mower brand, to help you decide whether a Flymo lawn mower is right for you. You can also read our expert verdict on whether we think Flymo is a brand worth buying.

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Flymo lawn mowers - brand data
Number tested 7
Number of current Best Buys
Average test score
Score range
Brand reliability rating
Customer score
Should I buy one?
Table notes
Table correct as of July 2018. Range of test scores and average test score based on results of all models test January 2015 - October 2018. The customer score and brand reliability rating are based on a Which? member survey conducted in January 2018. The customer score is based on whether members would recommend the brand to a friend and reliability is based on members' experience of that brand.


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How much do Flymo lawn mowers cost?

Flymo hover lawn mowers range in price from about £75 for the most basic model to £200 for a larger, more powerful one that has a built-in grass collector box. This makes them a good option if you have a lawn to cut but don’t want to spend a lot on a lawn mower.

Cheaper Flymo hover mowers use plastic blades to cut grass. These wear out much more quickly than metal blades, so you have to replace them more often, which adds to the cost. Cheaper Flymo hover lawn mowers don’t have grass collection boxes, so the clippings are left on the lawn, leaving you with the job of raking them up. If your lawn gets regular use, particularly by children or pets, it can get messy - grass clippings get brought into the house on feet and paws and trodden into carpets.

Larger hover mowers that come with a grass collection box usually have metal blades and are more expensive. The blades tend to last for longer than plastic ones.

Choosing the best Flymo lawn mower

Flymo lawn mowers are generally aimed at smaller gardens. The Flymo range of hover mowers hover on a cushion of air as you mow. The Glide range and the HoverVac don't have wheels but two small plastic rollers on the front lip of the body to help you move the machine to and from the lawn. However, Flymo hover mowers are generally quite light, so lifting them completely is manageable for most people. 

The smallest models from Flymo are the Turbo hover mowers which don't collect the grass clippings as you cut, so don't have a grass collector box. As they're so light they don't have the rollers on the front edge. They can also be stored by hanging them up on a shed wall.

Flymo's main range of wheeled mowers is the Chevron. The Rollermo and Visimo are models you'll often see sold through high street retailers such as Tesco and Robert Dyas, and cost much less than a lot of other models. Although Flymo wheeled rotary mowers are generally easy to use and have features, such as double switches on the handles and rollers to give your lawn a striped finish, it's worth checking that they have all the features you want.