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Lawn treatments

Best Buy lawn feed

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Lawn feed not only helps to keep your lawn looking green and lush, but can also help it stand up to wear and outcompete weeds and moss 

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The lawn is the centrepiece to most gardens and feeding it regularly will make all the difference not only to its appearance but to the whole garden. No other plant takes so much punishment, from people walking on it to kids and pets playing.

If your lawn is in fairly good shape then a lawn feed is what you need, you'll find our Best Buy recommendation in the table below. But if your lawn has weeds or moss, try the best lawn treatments.

The key to keeping your lawn in shape is a good-quality lawn mower that's easy to use. Choose from these Best Buy lawnmowers for hassle-free mowing.

The best and worst lawn feeds

To see which lawn food is best, we sprinkle each on a separate 4sq m plot of neglected turf that replicates a typical family lawn.

We follow the manufacturers' instructions and reapplied as often as is recommended throughout summer. Throughout the process a team of experts check the grass for appearance and density.

The Best Buy lawn feed in this table will be easy to apply and leave your grass a vibrant green and full of life, while the worst will barely make a difference to your lawn. If you have weeds or moss in your lawn, discover the best weed and feed lawn treatments.

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The best and worst lawn feed
78% Sprinkling this Best Buy granular food across your lawn every eight weeks will significantly improve the colour and health of your grass. It's light in colour, so you can see where you've already spread it and it's easy to use whether you're doing it by hand or with a spreader. It's the best lawn food we've tested and a worthy Best Buy. £3 per 30sq.m
62% This liquid feed needs to be dissolved in water and applied with a watering can every six weeks. It did improve the quality and colour of the grass, but its effects tailed off before it was due to be re-applied so you may be better off applying more frequently. £1.80 per 30sq.m
62% This granular feed can be applied by hand or with a lawn spreader. It improved the turf quality and colour steadily throughout our trial, although we did get a slight increase in weeds. £4.79 per 30sq.m
58% This liquid was one of the cheapest we tested at just 23p per 30sq.m, but, sadly, it was one of the worst we tested, too. Despite quickly greening up the turf, the effects wore off before it was scheduled to be re-applied and we also got an increase in weeds during the trial. It's a liquid feed that is diluted with water and a watering can. £0.23 per 30sq.m
48% This improved turf quality and colour significantly during the trial. We got an increase in weeds at the start but the strong-growing grass so outcompeted them. It needs to be applied every fortnight so is quite labour intensive. We also found it quite hard to dissolve in water so it could be applied. £0.48 per 30sq.m
38% It might be reasonably cheap, but this is a case of getting what you pay for: it was the least effective of the lawn feeds we tested. It slightly improved the colour and quality of the turf, but not much. The grass's lack of vigour meant that weeds were a problem. It's a liquid feed that needs to be applied monthly. It's a Don't Buy. £0.75 per 30sq.m


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What's the difference between liquid and granular lawn feed?

Both types of lawn feed do the same job in your garden, but the method of delivery is different. Granular lawn feeds are designed to be sprinkled around your lawn like seeds. The fine grains are usually light in colour, so you can see if there are any patches you've missed.

Some granular lawn feed comes with its own dispenser making it easier spread the granules evenly round your garden, but if you have a particularly large garden you should consider a lawn spreader. They look like small wheelbarrows with long handles and they will evenly disperse the granules around your lawn.

Liquid or soluble lawn feed needs to be dissolved in water and applied with a watering can. It will take longer to cover your lawn using this method, which means granular feed is a better choice for anyone with a larger garden.