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1 October 2020

Best Buy lawn feed with moss and weed killer

If grass isn't the only thing growing on your lawn then you need feed that can tackle moss and weeds. See which lawn treatments we rated highest.
Granulated fertilizer feed being thrown across a lawn
Rebecca Marcus

If your lawn is relatively trouble-free then a standard lawn feed is your best solution. But if your lawn is plagued with moss and weeds then you're going to need a feed that can treat these problems. 

Whether you're struggling to control moss, weeds or both, there's lawn treatment that can help, but they don't all do an excellent job. Some will work wonders for your grass, but not make a dent in the weeds and moss, while others do a better job at controlling your weeds than improving your grass.

We've tested several lawn treatments from top brands, including Scotts and Evergreen to see if there's any lawn treatment that's an excellent all-rounder.

Once your grass is looking healthy, keep it in shape with a Best Buy lawn mower and grass trimmer. 

Is a granular or liquid lawn treatment best for killing moss and weeds?

You can see in our testing below which lawn treatment was best at terminating unwanted growth in your garden, but out of granular and liquid products, does one have the edge?

The type of product shouldn't make a difference to how well it handles weeds and moss. Typically, granular treatments are easier to spread over large areas than liquid ones, but a Best Buy liquid feed shouldn't have any advantages over a Best Buy granular one when it comes to controlling weeds and moss.

The best and worst lawn feed with weed killer, moss killer or both

We sprinkle lawn feed over separate 4sq m plots to see which one is best at restoring tired grass. A team of experts monitor each plot over the summer to see how much each product improves the quality, colour and health of the grass.

If the lawn feed also kills weeds then we'll spread it over another 4sq m plot that has plenty of unwanted weeds to see how well it halts growth and kills what's already there.

Moss killing lawn feed is spread over a plot that contains, at least, 45% moss to see if how well it deals with the problem. 

Any lawn feed that professes to handle weeds and moss will be spread across a weed-filled plot as well as a mossy one, so we can measure whether it does a better job at tackling one over the other.

Alternatively, logged-in Which? members can view our recommendations in the table below. If you're not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access.


Lawn feed and weed killer
Member content
77% This Best Buy granular lawn feed worked wonders on our grass and it was one of the best at killing weeds, too. It was also the easiest lawn feed to spread. £3.34 per 30sq m
Member content
60% We were happy with how this liquid feed reinvigorated our grass, but it didn't make much of a dent in the weeds in our second plot. It's also very expensive. £10.50 per 30sq m
Lawn feed and moss killer
Member content
68% If moss is taking over your garden then this Best Buy granular feed is your best bet at getting rid of it. Its effect on improving the grass wasn't as significant as some dedicated lawn feeds, but moss doesn't stand a chance. £3 per 30sq m
Lawn feed with weed and moss killer
Member content
73% This Best Buy granular feed will make mulch out of moss and weeds and it will get your grass looking gorgeous in the process. It's one of the best we've tested, which is even more impressive considering it's an all-rounder. It's pretty cheap, too. £1.50 per 30sq m
Member content
69% This Best Buy 4 in 1 feed was terrific on our weed-covered plot, but it lagged slightly behind the top all-rounder on mossy and normal lawns. It's still a Best Buy though and if you pick it up you'll be satisfied with the results. £3.30 per 30sq m
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