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1 October 2020

How to improve your lawn

Lawn feed makes a difference, but dealing with the root cause of weeds and moss is the key to healthy-looking turf. 
Martin Pratt

Like any other plant in your garden, the grass in your lawn needs tender loving care. Lawn feed will boost the vitality of your grass and some will tackle weeds and moss, but there's more you can do to keep your lawn in tip-top condition.

Whether moss or ugly weeds are ruining the look of your lawn, we've got some great tips to make sure you can keep them under control.

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Which treatment does your lawn need?

  • Healthy grass is your best defence against the build up of moss and weeds. Choose a Best Buy lawn feed to make sure you grass is fighting fit and ready to take on the mossy scourge.
  • If you're lucky enough to only get the odd weed then dig them out or spray them with a Best Buy weed killer.
  • Choose the right lawn feed. If your garden is large then using a liquid lawn feed could be a real chore. Granular is usually easier to spread over larger areas, but liquid feed could be ideal for smaller plots.

Remember, most lawn feed requires some upkeep. Typically, you'll need to reapply it every six to eight weeks to see the results.

How to deal with moss

There are many possible causes of moss on your lawn and most are easily avoidable. 

  • Moss thrives in the shade and you'll often find it growing under trees. Consider cutting back some of the lower branches, thinning the coverage and letting more light through.
  • If your lawn takes a bit of a beating from kids and pets running around then the grass can get compacted. Pushing a garden fork into your turf every 15cm or so will get some much needed air back into your grass and help prevent moss.
  • If you've been using moss killer then remember to rake away the dead moss. You'll need to seed the bare patches with more grass otherwise the moss could simply re-grow. 
  • Consider adding some top dressing to the bare patches left behind by dead moss, too. This will help the new grass grow quicker.
  • Moss will continue to grow throughout Autumn, so don't think you can stop killing, raking and reseeding the affected areas just because summer is over.
  • If you're noticing moss growing in one spot it could be because it gets a lot of traffic. If you have goalposts or swingball think about moving it, so the grass can get a breather.
  • Lawn feed will keep your grass healthy and better equipped to beat back moss, but if you notice any areas that aren't draining and becoming boggy then you may need to speak to a professional.

Beat the weeds without chemicals

If you'd rather not use chemicals on your lawn then you're going to need to get your hands dirty. Digging out weeds is your best option making sure to get as much of the root as possible. 

Once the weeds are out you need to make sure grass fills in the bare patch, otherwise the weed is likely to return. Re-sow the area with grass seed.

The more grass you have the less likely weeds are to grow, so you can always overseed your lawn to thicken it. Rake up any debris on your lawn first then spread grass seed over your entire plot. If it doesn't rain then water the seed, too. 

Another good tip is to rake your lawn before mowing. Doing this will make sure the mower cuts off the weed stems. 

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