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Updated: 13 Jan 2022

Should I Buy A Peugeot?

Is Peugeot a brand you should consider when you buy your next car? Read our overview to find out whether a Peugeot could be right for you.
Oliver Trebilcock
Peugeot Brand-logo-208

Peugeot is one of France's oldest car brands. It long ago swallowed up Citroën to form the PSA Group, one of the world's largest automotive companies. It now includes Vauxhall as well.

Peugeot's reputation has traditionally been for making well-built cars with excellent ride comfort and handling, with popular models including the Peugeot 208. It did go through a period of its cars lacking the sharpness of old in the chassis department. However, Peugeot found a new lease of life with its 3008 crossover SUV.

Its newfound sense of style continued with a remake of the Peugeot 5008, managing to move its MPV into more fashionable SUV territory. Its striking 508 Fastback, with its sleek coupé good looks, shows just how far Peugeot's come in terms of design.

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Peugeot 208

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Peugeot 3008


How reliable are Peugeot cars?

Peugeot cars are reliable – or so the company's reputation would have you believe. But does the reality live up to the expectation?

Every year, we run an annual car survey where tens of thousands of people tell us about their current car and how reliable it is. Based on feedback from current Peugeot owners, we have reliability data for new cars aged up to four years old, and also used cars aged between five and nine years old, and old cars aged 10-15 years. 

To see how reliable Peugeot cars are, head over to our most reliable car brands page.

How much do Peugeot cars cost?

Peugeot cars are typically priced as affordable choices for mainstream family cars.

Its cheapest model is the Peugeot 108 city car priced from less than £9,000.

The popular Peugeot 208 hatch starts at around £12,500, similar to the rival Renault Clio, and the Peugeot 508 medium car from about £21,000.

The Peugeot 2008 SUV is at the affordable end of the manufacturer's SUV range, at around £15,000. While you pay a premium for the flagship Peugeot 3008 and Peugeot 5008 SUVs, priced from just over £21,000 and £23,500, respectively.

Peugeot 3008


Peugeot 208


Choosing the best Peugeot car

Small cars are a mainstay of Peugeot, with the smallest being the 108. The 208 is a medium-sized hatch and is the second most-owned car from Peugeot in the Which? Cars Survey. 

For those looking for a little more space, there’s the 308 hatch as well, also available as an estate in the form of the Peugeot 308 SW.

Practicality is front and centre at Peugeot, with larger choices including the 508 medium car, which is also available as an estate (Peugeot 508 SW). The 508 RXH crossover version shows the new side to Peugeot as well.

Peugeot has enjoyed recent success in the crossover segment with the smaller 2008, popular 3008 and larger 5008. All these cars used to be people carriers and changed as 4x4 crossovers rose in popularity. 

The previous 3008 people carrier is the most-owned car from Peugeot in our cars survey, and we have high hopes for the more mainstream crossover version as well. The new 3008 is helping to redefine Peugeot’s image with more aggressive styling, as well as sporting advanced tech, including a cutting-edge digital display.

Also in Peugeot’s range, is the Partner Tepee minivan, which can be converted for use by wheelchairs. See our Parner Tepee review for more.

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