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Updated: 13 Jan 2022

Should I buy a Suzuki?

Suzuki cars range from the Suzuki Swift hatchback to the Suzuki Vitara SUV – find out if a Suzuki car could be the perfect match for you.
Oliver Trebilcock

Suzuki is best known for its small, quirky family cars such as the Suzuki Swift, a tradition that goes right back to when Michio Suzuki began building his first small car in 1937. 

It’s Japan’s fourth-largest carmaker after Toyota, Nissan and Honda, and is one of only a handful of manufacturers left that isn’t owned by anyone else. Only Suzuki makes Suzuki cars, giving the brand a uniquely different character. Many of Suzuki's cars cost less than rivals, too.

Off-road 4x4 cars have long been part of Suzuki’s DNA as well, including the long-running Suzuki Jimny small 4x4 first introduced half a century ago, way back in 1970.

Recently it's broadened this heritage with an increased focus on crossover SUVs, similar to other manufacturers, as the popularity of SUVs continues to rise.

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Suzuki Swift

Suzuki-Swift slider

How reliable are Suzuki cars?

Every year, we run an annual car survey where tens of thousands of people tell us about their current car and how reliable it is. Based on feedback from current Suzuki owners, we have reliability data for new cars aged up to four years old, and also used cars aged between five and nine years old, and old cars aged 10-15 years. 

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How much do Suzuki cars cost?

Suzuki’s pricing strategy aims to undercut rivals. This means its entry-level car, the Suzuki Celerio city car, is one of the cheapest models on the market. Its price starts from only £8,111. 

The Celerio's low official CO2 emissions figures also put it in a low tax band to help with running costs.

Suzuki's range of low-cost family cars rises up all the way to the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross mid-size SUV which, despite its size, still comes in from only £15,292. This could well attract potential buyers away from its considerably more expensive popular rival, the Nissan Qashqai – this starts from £19,995.

The well-known Suzuki Swift small car starts from a modest £12,088. The Suzuki Vitara, an attractive compact crossover, starts from £16,999 – this places it between rivals the Nissan Juke and Mazda CX-3 in the popular crossover market.

Suzuki’s competitive pricing also means it can offer attractive PCP (loan towards buying the car outright) and finance deals.

Choosing the best Suzuki car

True to the brand’s small car heritage, choosing Suzuki is all about deciding how small is just right for you.

Its range of miniature cars begins with the tiny Suzuki Celerio city car. For city-dwellers looking to be in on the latest trends, Suzuki’s even brought rugged crossover looks to the city car class with the Suzuki Ignis.

In the UK, Suzuki’s best-known model – the Suzuki Swift small hatchback – is likely to be a popular choice for many. It's a 'style car' aimed at those looking for something a little different, though its styling is less overt than one of its main alternatives, the Mini hatchback. There’s even the hot hatch Suzuki Swift Sport version available as well.

Suzuki even spoils you for choice with a slightly bigger alternative to the Swift supermini, the Suzuki Baleno.

And if that wasn’t enough small cars, Suzuki and small even go hand-in-hand in the main crossover class, with the striking looks of the Suzuki Vitara compact SUV.

If you want a proper off-road 4x4 with compact dimensions, the longstanding Suzuki Jimny almost exists in a class of its own, with its diminutive size and rigid axles for optimal all-terrain drive. 

With such a strong record in 4x4 vehicles, Suzuki has also branched out into larger crossover 4x4s with the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross, comparatively the giant of its range.

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