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IoT explained

Internet of things - the latest gadgets

By Martin Pratt

Article 3 of 3

Even the most innocuous objects can’t escape the internet’s grasp. Here are some of the weird and wonderful new IoT devices we’ve found.

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Whether you’re a massive IoT fan, desperate for everything with a plug or a battery in your house to be smart, or you just want to keep track of what the internet has invaded, then we have you covered.

We’ll be updating this page every month to show you some of the latest IoT gadgets. Check back often to see what weird, wonderful and possibly pointless things have come online.

Zeeq smart pillow

How well do you sleep? If you don’t feel you’re getting a good night’s rest it could be down to your pillow. The Zeeq packs so much tech in its foam case that you’d expect it to be rock-hard, but the manufacturer says the components are tiny so as not to compromise on comfort.

The diminutive parts track how well you sleep. They know how often you move around and when you’re in a deep sleep. They even know how loud your snoring is – although a stern word from your partner in the middle of night works just as well.

There’s Bluetooth speakers built in, too, so your favourite tracks can soothe you to sleep. When it comes to waking up, the pillow senses when is best in your sleep cycle to gently rouse you. As risky as this sounds, you set the parameters - so it won’t wake you any later than 7:30am, for example.

The Zeeq pillow isn’t available yet, but you can back the project on Kickstarter if you want to get yourself one as early as December this year.

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Ring video doorbell

Unless you’re expecting someone, a ring on the doorbell can be greeted with equal parts suspicion, irritation and excitement. Is it that package you’ve been waiting for, or someone trying to sign you up to something you really don’t want? Well, the Ring video doorbell can tell you before you’ve even opened the door.

Using the mobile app, you can see who is at the door and even have a conversation with them through the built-in two-way microphone. Thanks to the online connection, you see and speak to your visitor whether you’re sat in the house or away on holiday. The camera records in HD and the night-vision means it works well regardless of the time of day.

In true IoT fashion, the Ring Doorbell works with several other connected devices - including smart locks. Smart locks let you unlock your door remotely, so you could confirm who was at the door with the doorbell’s camera and let them in from the same app.

The Ring video doorbell can be yours for around £159.99 and it comes in four different colours.

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Prophix smart toothbrush

Oral B has already introduced the world to smart brushing with its Oral B Pro 6500 smart series, but manufacturer Onvi has decided that an app that tells you how well you’re brushing isn’t doing enough. Enter the Prophix, an electric toothbrush that films the inside of your mouth. The tiny camera mounted to the top of the machine records in Full 1080 HD and takes stills so you can show your dentist your suspected trouble spots at your next check-up.

It displays the video on your phone in real-time, so you can (finally?) watch yourself brush. As well as a brush it comes with a prophy cup, a rubber picking tip and a mirror to see those rearmost molars - no part of your mouth can hide from the Prophix.

The Prophix is available from the US for a tooth-aching $299 (around £227), but you’ll also be paying international shipping. Alternatively, you could save yourself some cash by getting a more conventional electric toothbrush – click to discover our Best Buy electric toothbrushes.


A smart peg that can detect when your washing is dry and gives advance warning of rain seems perfect for our temperamental UK climate.

Peggy works with a range of sensors to predict the weather. Humidity, light and temperature sensors work together to tell you the best time to put your washing out and how long it will be before it dries. Most importantly, it can tell you when it’s going to rain.

Interestingly, Peggy was developed by Omo in Australia, a place with less rainfall than anywhere bar Antarctica. Omo’s creation may not make much sense in sun-gorged Australia, but its internet-connected pegs may appeal to us Brits and our unpredictable weather.