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8 April 2021

Best wireless and Bluetooth speaker deals for 2021

The best wireless and Bluetooth speaker deals and smart speaker deals chosen by Which? tech experts
Oliver Trebilcock

On the hunt for a bargain on one of the best wireless and Bluetooth speakers? Look no further – our experts have picked out some of the best speaker deals on the market right now, plus give you handy advice on how to identify what deals to look out for.

Wireless and Bluetooth speakers come at a huge range of prices, from £10 to well over £600 for high-end models aimed at audiophiles. The ones we’ve identified below therefore cover this reality – a small price cut on an already cheap Bluetooth speaker is fantastic, as is a significant saving for a more expensive speaker.

Apple, Bose and Sonos speakers are also incredibly popular, and big savings on these premium brands are rare, so we may also highlight notable savings on high-demand products such as these when we spot them.

Watch out that with price cuts not always being as great as they initially appear – there could be an even better deal elsewhere, or the speaker be not be that great to begin with to justify buying even with a seemingly good saving – even if it’s from a big-name brand. Every one of the superb offers we’ve identified below are for decent-scoring speakers that have performed well in our tests – that doesn’t mean we’ve made them all Best Buys, though, so make sure you click on the links below to read our reviews and ensure that each speaker is exactly what you’re looking for.

Discover what the very best cheap wireless and Bluetooth speakers are on the market, with some priced at £50 and less.

Best wireless and Bluetooth speaker deals for April 2021

There are great-value wireless speakers available all year round, from hefty discounts to cheap models that tick the boxes. 

Our pricing experts update this page once a month, and it was last updated on 1 April 2021.

Bluetooth speakers

Simple portable Bluetooth speakers are battery-powered and rarely expensive, so even without a big discount they still represent a bit of a bargain. Take care with very small speakers, though – a handful are great, but many have weak bass and a tinny sound. We've highlighted some below, or you can check our Bluetooth speaker reviews for more.

1. Sony SRS-XB01, £13 to £16

  • A £6+ saving off an already low-priced Bluetooth speaker
  • Compact, small Bluetooth speaker
  • Available in a bright range of colours

We like: Travel-friendly with carry strap, simple and easy to use, water resistant, 3.5mm socket

We didn’t like: Attaching the carry strap is a bit fiddly

A no-nonsense Bluetooth speaker small enough to stash in a pocket or bag, at a price where even a small saving makes it all the more appealing.

For our full verdict see our expert Sony SRS-XB01 review

Buy for a remarkable £12.97 at Currys PC World if you're willing to collect in-store. Alternatively, it can be delivered from eBay for £16.

(A 2020 Which? investigation into Currys PC World suggests that the firm has an issue with how it handles complaints about faulty products, so bear this in mind before making a purchase.)

2. JBL Go 3, £29


  • £6 off RRP
  • Tiny, thin speaker
  • Fully waterproof and dustproof (IP67)

We like: Extremely convenient size, nice build quality, robust design, high maximum volume, lightweight

We didn’t like: Seems expensive compared to Sony’s XB01 model (above)

If you want your Bluetooth speaker to be thin as well as small, this is the model for you. This deal is a good saving for a pretty decent build quality Bluetooth speaker. But does the tiny size compromise the sound quality?

For the crucial details check out our full JBL Go 3 review.

Buy from Amazon in black, blue or white for £29 (or in select colours direct from JBL), green for £30, or black from Currys for £29.

Smart speakers

Looking to find a bargain on the best smart speakers and smart displays? Smart speakers have voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, and you can largely control them with voice commands. You’ll probably find it helpful to choose an Alexa speaker if you use lots of Amazon services, one supporting Google Assistant if you’re a user of Google services and Siri if you’re an Apple fan.

Smart speakers have wi-fi (and often support Bluetooth, too), which typically makes them more expensive than Bluetooth-only speakers. They’re often larger, with a higher maximum volume. The Amazon Echo Dot and Google Nest Mini are two of the cheapest models available, although that doesn’t mean they’re the best. Smart displays such as the Amazon Echo Show 5 are basically smart speakers with touchscreens, which adds extra functionality such as viewing cooking recipes or YouTube videos on the screen.

For more information on what to consider when buying a smart speaker or smart display, see our how to buy the best smart speaker guide.

3. Echo Dot (4th Gen) - £40 (was £50)

  • Latest ball-shaped version of this affordable Amazon smart speaker
  • Alexa voice control
  • 3.5mm audio-out socket

We like: Responsive Alexa voice control, easy to set up and use, small and lightweight

We didn’t like: Low maximum volume won’t fill large rooms

The Amazon Echo Dot is Amazon’s latest entry-level Alexa smart speaker with a new spherical design. It’s even cheaper at certain times of the year (like Black Friday and Amazon Prime day), but this is still a good discount on the standard price and compared to most other smart speakers.

Find out if the sound quality will make the most of your music in our expert Echo Dot (4th Gen) review.

Buy from Amazon, Argos, Very and John Lewis for £40.

4. Google Nest Audio, £79


  • £11 off usual price
  • One of the cheapest full-sized Google Assistant voice-controlled smart speakers
  • Discreet looks will blend well into any home

We like: Great voice control, easy to set up and use, minimalist cushion-like looks

We didn’t like: No physical wired connections to connect to other devices

Google claims to have focused on sound quality with the Nest Audio versus the original Google Home – we see in our review if it’s really delivered. Most rival smart speakers typically launch at around £200, making even a small saving on this competitively-priced smart speaker worth considering.

Launched last year, the Google Nest Audio was discounted to £85 last month, but several retailers have now discounted it by a further £5 (or more). If you’re interested in his product, now is a good time to buy.

For our full verdict, see out Google Nest Audio review.

Buy for £79 at John Lewis or £80 at Currys, Argos and Jessops.

5. Apple HomePod Mini - £90 (was £99)


  • Small ball-shaped speaker similar in size to the Amazon Echo Dot (above)
  • Siri voice control
  • Works seamlessly with Apple devices like iPhones and iPads

We like: Build quality, lightweight, easy to set up and use, Apple Music integration (may require subscription)

We didn’t like: For Apple device owners only, expensive compared to rivals, no Bluetooth or wired audio options (you connect with wi-fi)

Apple is far from a dominant force in the world of smart speakers, but if you’re a user of Apple devices like iPhones and iPads you’ll find the HomePod Mini optimally-designed for your device. 

Find out whether it’s worth choosing the HomePod Mini or if an Alexa or Google Assistant speaker might be a better option in our Apple HomePod Mini review.

Buy for £90 at Currys or Very.

When and where are the best wireless and Bluetooth speakers on sale?

It’s often not at all easy to know what’s a good price for a wireless or Bluetooth speaker. Head over to Amazon and you’ll find huge numbers of cheap models on sale, many from brands you’ve likely never heard of before. At the budget end, some Bluetooth speakers are cheap all year round, while some retailers such as John Lewis advertise hefty savings at certain periods for big-brand models such as JBL, LG and Sony speakers.

But an attractive-looking discount doesn’t guarantee a great deal. You’ll find retailers using every trick in the book to persuade you to buy – our experts point out below the tools of the trade at key retailers to make sure you don't get caught out.

First off, lots of retailers, including Currys PC World and John Lewis, try to convince you a ‘hot’ product you’re looking at is a good choice by showing how many people are viewing the same page at the same time you are. This also gives a feeling of urgency to make a quick purchase. Often, though, you’ll have no idea whether the number viewing is really that much more than it would normally be, and low stock warnings as well can push you to rush into a purchase before you’ve fully considered all the options. It’s a good idea to step back when seeing these messages and take a moment to really decide if the offer is a good deal – it may after all simply be one the retailer wants to drive sales for at that moment.

Apple HomePod and Beats speaker deals

If you’re looking into buying an Apple HomePod model, the Apple Store is unlikely to be the place to head to if you’re scouting out the best prices available. Apple is not usually very generous on deals with its own products such as the Apple HomePod mini, but retailers such as Amazon and Currys PC World may slash considerably more off than the recommended retail price of Apple products especially at times of promotion to try to get you to buy from them.

Amazon wireless and Bluetooth speaker deals

Amazon often heavily discounts its own Echo Alexa speakers and smart displays range, especially around promotional periods such as Black Friday, so do keep an eye out for offers if your looking for these.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg with Amazon. If you do a search for wireless and Bluetooth speaker deals on Amazon and you might feel you’ve been transported to a different universe, with many brands you’re unlikely to find anywhere else tempting you with surprisingly low prices compared with the big brand competition – not to mention many of them having built up a remarkable volume of positive reviews and seeming surprisingly popular.

But it can be tricky relying on user reviews for audio products. It can be challenging to tell if a good score means people think the speaker is really one of the best available or just a welcome surprise given the bargain-basement price you can buy it at. This also means it’s hard for those who’ve bought wireless and Bluetooth speakers in the past from big brands such as JBL or Sony to know whether these brands are just as good or will leave you disappointed.

You’ll also notice that some of the same brands keep cropping up time and again – ones such as Anker, Betron and others, very often offering products at attractively low prices and user reviews that are full of praise. You’re often very reliant on Amazon’s website with these products, too – since they’re usually not available at many other places – so you need to bear in mind the standard industry practice that product pictures are often computer-generated and not quite give the same impression out of the box.

Do take care with these seemingly unknown brands. Our lab has found some surprisingly good budget models in our testing, but many have also been exposed as pretty mediocre in our lab compared with more established brands, despite positive user reviews singing their praises. To make direct comparisons, see our wireless and Bluetooth speaker reviews. With such a vast range of wireless and Bluetooth speakers on Amazon we can’t test them all, but we do review a selection of the most popular models that tend to be found near the top of Amazon’s bestsellers charts, including models from Anker, Betron and more.

Currys PC World deals and ‘clearance’ sales

During certain times throughout the year, Currys PC World fills its clearance pages with wireless and Bluetooth speaker deals. But despite what ‘clearance’ may imply, the actual savings on these models in practice can be small or, in the odd bizarre case, no discount at all. Currys PC World may want to clear stock, but that’s no promise it’s offering a good deal.

Often Currys PC World deals don’t stand up to scrutiny, with some fleetingly up for sale at a high price before falling to a more usual price as little as a few weeks later. In addition, a large saving on a high recommended retail price offers no promise it’s any cheaper than rival retailers.

Alongside many rival retailers, Currys PC World employs a price-matching scheme that, again, doesn’t necessarily save you as much money in practice as you might expect. Their popular Sandstrom Bluetooth speakers they sell for example are Currys PC World-exclusive products, so their price-matching won’t cover these, which means attractive prices don’t give any indication that that quality is a match for the price.

Argos wireless and Bluetooth speaker deals

Argos is a favoured retailer for buying small consumer electronics products including wireless and Bluetooth speakers, and very convenient with locations in many bigger Sainsbury’s stores as well. Argos commonly has good deals for individual wireless and Bluetooth speakers, so you may well be rewarded for having a glance every so often to look into which new wireless and Bluetooth speakers they’re promoting strongly.

Be wary of ‘deals’ marked as ‘WOW’, though, as it’s frequently the case these aren’t really deals at all, being instead Argos’ way to draw your attention to a product – unsurprisingly often their own-brand Bush products or other models at seemingly cheap prices, with no guarantee they’ll actually offer good enough performance to justify the price.

Also be wary of marketing that plasters ‘great new price’ as that's in no way offering an assurance the price is surprisingly different from the previous one.

With Argos, the right strategy to find great deals is to watch for its ‘clearance’ deals as these really tend to be promising discounts.

Black Friday: the best time to get a great cheap wireless and Bluetooth speaker deal

Great wireless speaker deals can be nabbed all year long, thanks to this being an enormous market of products and brands at a wide range of prices all competing to push you their way.

Nevertheless, typically the best time in the year to net the most impressive deals is in the run-up to Black Friday buying season and through to Christmas, with Black Friday occurring close to the end of November each year. A raft of attractive deal promotions usually gain momentum around mid-November, and the strong deals tend to keep on coming through Cyber Monday onwards to the end of the year.

Some wireless speaker brands such as Sonos also offer trade-in schemes for its wireless speakers, where you send back your current model for a discount on a newer model, and it then responsibly recycles your old wireless speaker.

Taking up these schemes where available is another option to realise an even better deal on a new wireless speaker, although the discount advertised by the manufacturer will likely be on the speaker’s standard retail price. This might be significantly higher than prices typically offered by major retailers, meaning the saving may not be as large as it initially seems. There’s also a significant second-hand market for higher-end wireless speakers, so selling on your old model may be the best way to help pay towards your new wireless speaker.

Check out our how to buy the best wireless and Bluetooth speakers guide for all the information you need to make the best choice possible for your next purchase.

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