Christmas gift guide: Best gifts for tech fans

Christmas gifts for tech fans

If you need the perfect Christmas gift for a technophile, look no further. We’ve scoured our test results and picked the best gadgets on the market.

From tablets and sat navs to sound bars, laptops and cameras, our top tech gifts should delight - and start from less than £150.

Best tech Christmas gifts 

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Best gifts for tech fans
ProductTest scoreTypical priceWhy buy this gift?Similar gift ideas

32 inch TV

Best 32-inch TV
79%Subscriber only contentPicture quality on this TV is superb, with five stars across the board for Freeview HD, Blu-ray and 3D. Sound quality is good, and it's an easy TV to use, too. Sign up or log in to see this Best Buy.From 100s of TVs on test, see which excel in our tests and choose from 50 Best Buys - including five costing less than £500.

Value digital camera

Best digital camera
83%Subscriber only contentOne of our top-rated digital cameras, this point and shoot model has a large zoom, 16-megapixel sensor and HD video recording. Most importantly, it can take an excellent photo. To see this Best Buy, sign up or log in.Cameras tested include models from Canon, Nikon and Pentax. Choose from 133 reviews and 23 Best Buys to find the perfect gift.

Value DSLR

Best value DSLR
82%Subscriber only contentIf you don't want to pay top dollar or compromise on picture qualitym this DSLR is a great choice - outperforming many higher-priced rivals in our tests. To see this top scorer, sign up or log in.DSLR Best Buys have excellent image quality and come packed with features. Choose the best one for you from 50 on test, including some budget models.


Best bluetooth speaker
78%Subscriber only contentThis Best Buy bluetooth speaker sounds better than you might expect for such a small model. It’s easy to set up and use, so you’ll be playing your favourite Christmas songs in no time at all. To see this top scorer, sign up or log in.Looking for wireless speakers or speaker docks from Sonos, Bose or Pure? These and other brands are on test in our 70 reviews.


Best tablet
79%Subscriber only contentThis tablet combines design with premium performance. It's incredibly speedy and runs smoothly when browsing the web or streaming video. Sign up or log in to see this top scorer.We have 88 tablets on test, including Apple iPads, Android and Windows 8 tablets. Find the best model from 15 Best Buys.

Sound bar

Best sound bar
79%Subscriber only contentSleek, stylish design and a built-in subwoofer make this is a great gift for the discerning audiophile to give their TV speakers a bit more oomph. Sign up or log in to find out this Best Buy.A good sound bar can make all the difference to your TV's sound - choose from 40 on test, including models from Bose, Sony and Samsung.

DAB Digital Radio

Best DAB radio
71%Subscriber only contentThis is one of the best, and cheapest, DAB radios we've tested.  It has excellent sound and is available in a range of colours. Sign up or log in to see this Best Buy.With reviews of over 90 digital radios- and 15 Best Buys, from budget DAB models to high-end internet radios, our digital radio reviews have something for everyone.

Sat nav

Best sat nav
85%Subscriber only contentThis sat nav is a breeze to use, gives clear, easy to read instructions, comes with free lifetime maps and can be linked to a smartphone for traffic updates. Sign up or log in to find out this Best Buy.Make journeys a pleasure with a Best Buy sat nav. We've tested 101 models and have 33 Best Buys, for you to choose from.


 Not found the ideal Best Buy yet? Here some other popular gift ideas.

Best laptops

Ultrabooks are light enough to be carried around all day. They also handle everyday computing tasks well and are comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

If you're looking for a full-time laptop and a part-time tablet, the Lenovo Yoga 2 13 is a must-have.  The tweaked design and comfortable keyboard make this laptop a delight to use.

Best DSLRs

DSLR Best Buys have excellent image quality and come packet with features. Chose the best one for you from over 60 on test, including some budget models.

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