Opodo and eDreams investigation: Opodo and eDreams' response

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Opodo's and eDreams' response

Opodo and eDreams’ response to specific allegations:

The secret service

eDreams Odigeo told us the service charges differ depending on various factors, including the number of passengers and the complexity of trips.

eDreams Odigeo told us that the service charge is the fee for its expertise in providing customers with a range of choices so they can find the best value and most convenient flights.

The card trick

eDreams Odigeo confirmed that it does have a ‘commercial relationship’ with Entropay.
When we asked eDreams Odigeo to confirm the nature of its commercial relationship with Entropay, it said: ‘Regarding Entropay, unfortunately we are unable to provide details which may be commercially sensitive.’

No comment was made in reference to the omission of information relating to the loading fees applied for using Entropay.

The premium ploy

eDreams Odigeo told us that due to current changes to its website there was a wording issue in the service options description which has been rectified.

All passengers are notified of schedule changes via email as standard. For schedule changes of more than four hours, customers are called to discuss suitable alternatives.

A new free mobile app is now available to customers, which notifies passengers of flight delays, cancellations and diversions.

The phoney fee

When we informed eDreams Odigeo of this apparent breach, they told us that any customer that has booked with us can call on a standard-rate 0333 number, in compliance with Consumer Contract Regulations.

Information on the “service options” part of our website incorrectly stated that charges were applicable for some customers that have booked with us. We are taking steps to rectify and make clear that there is no charge.

Smoke and mirrors

eDreams Odigeo told us that it is are keen to ensure that there is never any potential confusion for customers when they search for flight availability on the eDreams website. There is no intention to imitate the appearance of specific airlines, as eDreams clearly indicates to its customers that they are on one of its own websites, rather than that of any airline.

The disappearing act

eDreams Odigeo told us that it was concerned to hear of customers not being happy with the service received and that is has achieved consistently high scores for customer service and these are continuing to improve across internal and also independent surveys such as Trustpilot.

It said that any complaint is important to it and that it tried to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible. When it comes to refunds, it says it works with airlines so that it provides the refund to pass onto eDreams Odigeo customers, and that this can often take longer than it would like. An additional part of the process is waiting for credit-card issuers to process the refund.

In addition to the responses for each allegation detailed on this page, a spokesperson also told us:

“We provide customers with a range of choices, searching millions of flight combinations to help find the best-value flights at the most convenient time, without having to travel with the same airline there and back. When using our site, full prices - including payment options, fees and service charges - are clearly displayed after customers conduct their search.

“Any complaint is important to us and we try to resolve all customer issues as quickly as possible. We achieve consistently high scores for customer service and in 2015 received on average just 2.5 complaints for every 100,000 bookings made through our site.”

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