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Few insurers are good enough to be Which? Recommended Providers - they have to combine good cover with great customer service.

Which? experts scrutinised 36 car insurers’ standard car insurance policies, and we surveyed thousands of policyholders. We've rated each policy on its key aspects to produce a Which? policy score, and our customer score is based on how the insurers were rated by their customers.

We reviewed some of the biggest insurers in the market including: Axa, Direct Line, Aviva, Saga, Admiral, Esure, Swinton, the AA, Tesco Bank and RSA.

To be a Which? Recommended Provider, an insurer must:

  • Be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Be available to the general public
  • Have received responses from 30 or more customers in our survey
  • Have received an average or above policy score (see table for current average score) and a customer score of 70% or above

This review reveals which insurers came out best for cover and customer service, and which scored the worst. To access this review and thousands of others, sign up for a £1 trial. Or if you're already a member, log in to see our reviews.

Best and worst car insurance
ProviderCustomer serviceHandling queries and complaintsTransparency of chargesValue for moneyCustomer scorePolicy scoreTotal
Subscriber only content-  -  78%87%82%
Subscriber only content-   -   -  74%78%76%

Subscriber only content

Subscriber only content-68%84%76%

Subscriber only content

Subscriber only content-  -  -  67%82%75%
Subscriber only content64%78%71%
Subscriber only content65%76%71%
Subscriber only content-  67%72%70%
Subscriber only content-  -  71%68%70%
Subscriber only content66%73%69%
Subscriber only content64%71%68%
Subscriber only content69%67%68%
Subscriber only content65%71%68%
Subscriber only content63%71%67%
Subscriber only content64%70%67%
Subscriber only content-67%67%67%
Subscriber only content62%70%66%
Subscriber only content59%74%66%
Subscriber only content64%68%66%
Subscriber only content59%70%65%
Subscriber only content63%67%65%
Subscriber only content58%71%65%
Subscriber only content70%61%65%
Subscriber only content-68%62%65%
Subscriber only content62%69%65%
Subscriber only content62%63%63%
Subscriber only content64%62%63%
Subscriber only content61%63%62%
Subscriber only content58%65%62%
Subscriber only content60%64%62%
Subscriber only content53%70%61%
Subscriber only content53%69%61%
Subscriber only content59%60%60%
Subscriber only content60%57%59%
Subscriber only content62%55%59%
Subscriber only content62%55%59%
Average    65%70%67%

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