Coping with pain in labour

Whether you’re considering an epidural or you want to know more about using a birth pool, find out about the pain relief options available in labour wards, birth centres and at home.

  • Pain relief in labour: what’s available?

    6 min read

    From gas and air to epidurals – everything you need to know about your pain relief options during labour and what’s available in different birth settings.

  • Natural pain relief in labour

    6 min read

    There are various non-medical pain relief options that you can use wherever you plan to give birth. Learn more about how natural methods like massage, relaxation techniques and aromatherapy can help you cope with labour pain.

  • Using gas and air (entonox) in labour

    4 min read

    Gas and air is a flexible pain relief option that you can use to manage contractions throughout your labour and in any birth setting. Find out why it’s the most popular form of pain relief – and if it could be right for you.

  • Using a TENS machine in labour

    6 min read

    TENS is a popular and safe pain relief option that you can use wherever you plan to give birth. Find out how a TENS machine can help you cope with labour pain, and where to buy or hire one.

  • Having a water birth and using a birth pool

    6 min read

    Find out why using water can help you in labour and discover if having a water birth could be the right choice for you.

  • What is hypnobirthing?

    7 min read

    Find out how hypnobirthing can help you when you give birth, how much private classes cost and whether you learn hypnobirthing on the NHS.

  • Epidurals for pain relief: what you need to know

    5 min read

    Epidurals can provide pain relief during labour. Here we outline the benefits and risks of having an epidural.

  • Pethidine and other drugs for pain relief during labour and birth

    5 min read

    Pain-relieving drugs such as pethidine can help you to relax during labour and focus on having your baby. Find out about pethidine, the side effects and what alternatives are available.

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