Labour and birth

Everything you've wanted to know about giving birth: we guide you through the signs and stages of labour and share key information about perineal tearing, going into labour prematurely and having a breech baby.

  • Signs of labour

    7 min read

    How do you tell Braxton Hicks contractions from the real deal and what should you do if your waters break? We explain the signs of labour to look out for – and what to do next.

  • Stages of labour

    7 min read

    Find out what to expect during the three stages of labour – from how long it can take to be fully dilated to your choices for delivering the placenta after your baby’s been born.

  • Tearing during labour

    8 min read

    Perineal tearing is very common during vaginal births. Learn more about episiotomies and reducing your risk of a third or fourth degree tear, and get advice on what to expect from the recovery after tearing.

  • Premature labour and birth

    10 min read

    Giving birth early can be scary, but most premature babies cope well with the right medical care. We run through the options if you go into labour early, and what to expect if your baby is born before they’re full-term.

  • What will happen if your baby is breech

    6 min read

    Learn about your birth options if your baby isn’t head down, including the pros and cons of a vaginal breech birth versus an elective c-section, and what’s involved in an ECV.

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