Safety and interventions

Labour and birth won’t always go exactly to plan, so it's good to be aware of the extra help that may be recommended in certain situations. Read our advice to find out about transferring, inductions, interventions and c-sections.

  • Inductions and interventions in labour

    6 min read

    Find out what to expect from medical interventions which can help you to give birth safely, such as inductions, forceps and ventouse delivery.

  • Having a c-section: what you need to know

    9 min read

    A caesarean section may be recommended as the safest option for you and your baby. Find out why you might have a planned or emergency c-section, and what to expect during the birth.

  • Being transferred during labour

    7 min read

    If you’re giving birth at home or in a birth centre, you’ll be moved to a labour ward if your midwife is concerned for you or your baby’s health. Here we explain how and why you might be transferred.

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