Botched boiler installation or service 

Before having any work done on your boiler check your engineer is listed on the Gas Safe Register

This is the official list of gas engineers who are registered to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and other gas appliances.

If your boiler installation is botched, you can argue there has been a breach of contract under:

You can use our letter to request that the work to be put right by the installer.

If the work is so bad that it would be unreasonable to give the installer a second chance, you can claim back the cost of another engineer putting it right from the original  boiler engineer

The boiler is faulty

Boiler installation and services can be provided alone or they may be provided as part of a package with the boiler.

If your boiler is faulty you could be entitled to claim a refund, repair or replacement at no further cost to you. for more information read our guide on what to do if you have a faulty product.

The engineer isn't Gas Safe registered

Allowing unregistered engineers to work on your gas appliances is extremely dangerous. 

Faulty gas appliances can cause explosions and carbon monoxide leaks.

If you suspect someone who has done work for you was not registered report them online via the Gas Safe website.

Make sure you hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to check and fix your boiler or any other appliances worked on by the original engineer.  

You can claim the cost of putting things right from the original installer.

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