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The constant attendance allowance is only for people who are ill or disabled as a result of specific circumstances.

Who can get constant attendance allowance (CAA)?

The circumstances under which someone can apply for a constant attendance allowance (CAA) are as follows.

  • People who receive industrial injuries disablement benefit, through being ill or disabled as a result of an accident or disease caused by work
  • People who receive a war disablement pension, through being ill or disabled as a result of an accident or disease while serving in the armed forces.

It's payable to people who need daily care and attention due to a disability.

How much is CAA?

Payments range from £34.95 to £139.80 a week (2018-19), depending on the extent of disability and the amount of care needed.

What do I need to know about CAA?

  • If your relative is eligible for constant attendance allowance, they will not be eligible to receive attendance allowance as well. However, if those benefits would add up to more than CAA, they can be paid CAA with a top-up to bring them to the same level.
  • Claiming constant attendance allowance may affect entitlement to other means-tested benefits, such as income support, pension credit, housing benefit and council tax reductions.

How do I apply for CAA?

For industrial injury cases, entitlement to constant attendance allowance will automatically be considered at the time of your medical examination for industrial injuries disablement benefit.

Contact your regional industrial injuries disablement benefit centre for more information. Contact details can be found here.

For war pension cases, including the war widows special allowance (also known as war widows special payments), contact Veterans UK for claim form WPA 0003 (CAA). You can call on 0808 191 4218, or email: veterans-uk@mod.uk

Page last reviewed: April 2018