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It’s likely that your relative’s health will fluctuate over time, and the care required will change too. For this reason, reviewing care needs are essential to ensure your relative’s care continues to meet their needs.

Local authorities should review care and support plans no later than every 12 months and a basic review should happen 6-8 weeks after a new or revised care plan. Your relative can ask for an earlier review if their situation changes before that time. Following a review, your relative’s care plan might be updated to reflect any changing needs.

How the review is carried out varies, and will depend on how significant any changes are considered to be. 

  • It may be done automatically and not in much detail – for example, a person might be interviewed briefly to assess their satisfaction with the service; or
  • there is a complete re-run of the assessment. Only this can accurately identify whether needs have changed and whether the care plan is still the right one.

If you think that your relative’s care needs have changed substantially since the last review (for example, care at home is no longer working well for your relative and you think a care home would be a more appropriate place for them to live), you should ask the local authority to carry out a full re-assessment. Make it clear that this is what you want and give the reasons. If the need for a review is urgent, then make that clear. To find local authority services for older people in your relative's area, use the third tab in our Care services directory

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