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5 The care plan

The person carrying out the care needs assessment should suggest care and support solutions to help address the eligible needs, as shown here.


Possible outcomes

Possible services/supports

Mr S is unable to work in the kitchen and cook.

To ensure Mr S has regular meals that meet his nutritional needs.

Re-learn how to cook/prepare meals, or to have all meals provided.

Mrs P lives alone and regularly wanders out of the house, putting her in an unsafe situation.

To keep Mrs P safe.

Move to a care home, have a carer to supervise at home or to provide a telecare alarm.

Mrs A is unable to get up the stairs and so has to sleep downstairs and use a commode.

To enable Mrs A to use the stairs again so that she can sleep in her bedroom and use the upstairs toilet/ bathroom.

Provide equipment (i.e. stair lift) to help her get upstairs, or rehabilitation services to re-learn skills and confidence.


Following this, your relative will get a written copy of the resulting care plan (in Wales known as the care and support plan) showing which needs the local authority will meet. 

Ask for a copy if you do not receive this. It is important to check the documentation to make sure that the recorded assessment captures all of your relative’s needs, not just the ones the local authority regard as ‘eligible’.

Reality check

Remember that the assessor is ultimately responsible to the council, and that the council has a limited budget. Although the local authority is duty bound to assess those of your relative’s needs they declare are 'eligible', the assessor will have financial constraints they need to work within.

Written details of the assessment should be agreed by all present – and checked and signed by all.

More information

  • Challenging a needs assessment: read our guide for details on how to make a formal complaint if you are unhappy with a decision.
  • Nigel’s story: learn about the challenges Nigel faced when arranging a needs assessment for his mother.
  • Care services directory: see Local authority services to discover what is available for older people in your relative's area.

Last updated: April 2018