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TSB credit card review

Find out how TSB has been rated for its application process, customer service, mobile app and more in our latest credit card customer satisfaction survey.

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What do TSB credit cards offer?  How does TSB compare to other providers? Is TSB a good credit card provider?
How we calculate TSB's customer score and ratings TSB credit card FAQs

What do TSB credit cards offer? 

TSB offers a competitive 0% balance transfer deal, a dual 0% balance transfer and purchase card and a low-rate deal. Credit subject to status and terms apply.

How does TSB compare to other providers?

TSB scored a dismal 53% in our latest credit card satisfaction survey, placing it at the bottom of the table. 

Credit Cards
TSB review
Which? customer score
25th out of 25 credit card providers
The Which? rating for customer satisfaction is based on feedback from real customers. The score is made up of a customer's overall satisfaction with the brand, and how likely they are to recommend that brand.
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Is TSB a good credit card provider?

Our survey also reveals how TSB customers rated the provider across 10 categories. 

Find out in the table below how TSB scored for its application process, online account management, telephone banking, mobile app, statement clarity, transparency of charges, overseas use fees, customer service, query handling and complaint resolution.

TSB credit card customer satisfaction category Star rating
Customer service  


Application process


Clarity of statement

3 out of 5

Transparency of charges and penalties

2 out of 5

Charges for using your card abroad


Dealing with complaints and resolving problems


Dealing with queries


Ability to manage account online

3 out of 5

Ability to manage account by telephone banking


Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet


Star ratings out of five show levels of satisfaction for each category. Where no stars are given, we received too few responses in our survey to award a score.

How we calculate TSB's customer score and ratings

We pick credit cards to feature in Which? brand reviews based on the most popular credit card brands searched for online. 

Customer scores are based on an online survey of the public in May 2022, which received 6,201 responses. Participants could provide answers on up to two credit cards. 

This year’s customer score analysis is based on a sample size of 4,694 credit card experiences, and represents overall satisfaction as well as the likelihood to recommend the provider to a friend.

Star ratings for each category are calculated independently of the customer score.

We carry out these surveys annually and update our review pages accordingly. Providers must receive a minimum sample size of 50 respondents to be included in our customer satisfaction tables.


TSB credit card FAQs


Does TSB offer an eligibility check?


TSB doesn't currently offer a soft search facility to help you work out if you qualify for its deals before you apply.

To boost your chance of success, you should check your credit report and takes steps to improve your credit score before applying.


Where are TSB credit cards accepted?


TSB issues its credit cards on the Mastercard network, so you will be able to use the card in millions of places in the UK and abroad.


Can you apply for a TSB credit card online?


Yes, TSB accepts applications online.

Please note that the information in this article is for information purposes only and does not constitute advice. Please refer to the particular terms & conditions of a provider before committing to any financial products.