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Bestinvest investment platform review

In our review, we analyse the charges levied by Bestinvest fund supermarket, suggesting which areas provide good value for money and which appear expensive.

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What is Bestinvest? Is Bestinvest any good?
What are Bestinvest's charges? Bestinvest customer views

What is Bestinvest?

Bestinvest has been a fixture on the investment scene for over 30 years, and it launched its 'Select' service for DIY investors in 2011.

Perhaps best known for its annual 'Spot the Dog' report on the worst-performing funds, Bestinvest now offers a full range of investments and manages about £3bn for its clients.

Is Bestinvest any good?

Which? members can exclusively read the the results of our unique customer satisfaction survey, which reveals how customers rate Bestinvest fund supermarket for seven different elements of its service.

Members can log in to read our analysis. If you're not already a Which? member, you can take a two month trial to Which? Money for £1 to get instant access to all our reviews and results.

Aspect of service Star rating
Customer service Logged out stars
Efficient administration Logged out stars
Online functionality Logged out stars
Online tools and guidance Logged out stars
Information on investments Logged out stars
Clarity of charges Logged out stars
Value for money Logged out stars

What are Bestinvest's charges?

  • 0.4% on anything up to £250,000, 0.20% on money between £250,000 and £1m, and 0% on anything above £1m
  • £7.50 to trade shares and investment trusts online
  • Free online trading for unit trusts and open-ended investment company funds

Who is Bestinvest good for?

Bestinvest offers competitive charges for smaller portfolios, especially for share traders. For example, a £10,000 Isa invested in funds would incur charges of £40 a year, not including separate fund charges.

Who is Bestinvest expensive for?

For larger portfolios, Bestinvest is relatively expensive. If you have a six-figure portfolio value, you're likely to be significantly better off with a broker that charges a fixed fee.

Read our comparison of investment platform charges to see how much investing with Bestinvest costs for a range of portfolios.

And if you're thinking of using Bestinvest to take an income from your pension in a drawdown plan, read our comparison of pension drawdown charges

Bestinvest customer views

'Customer service and communication are first class. They care about the individual and are very keen to please'

'I have simple requirements (I'm not an active investor) and they enable me to service my accounts easily. They provide what looks like useful information, even if I seldom use it'

'A bit too much sales literature with some of it not relevant to my situation'

'OK mostly, but their website is a pain to access'

'The all-round service that Bestinvest provide is first rate'