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Most car crashes ‘happen near home’

Poll shows bumps are more likely on local roads

Most crashes 'occur near home'

Most crashes occur near home, a new poll shows

Two thirds of road accidents occur within five miles of a motorist’s home, a new poll has revealed.

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And, the survey for insurance firm elephant.co.uk showed, nearly a third of crashes happen less than a mile from home.

Crashing into a parked car was the most common type of accident within a mile of a driver’s home, the poll of 3,800 people also revealed.

Accidents near home

Just 5% of car accidents occurred 26 to 50 miles from home, and 6% at distances of more than 50 miles away.

Of the accidents closest to home, the most common cause after hitting parked vehicles was crashing while driving out of a minor road, followed by reversing into a vehicle and by hitting a wall.

Elephant.co.uk managing director Brian Martin said: ‘Our research suggests that many drivers appear to be in a comfort zone when driving close to home on familiar roads, hence why such a large proportion of accidents occur there.

‘It’s so important to keep a full level of concentration when driving, whether you’re just popping to the shops or starting or ending a longer journey. These results emphasise this even more.’

Car accidents

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