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The ‘world’s quietest dishwasher’ from Bosch?

Bosch unveils Eco Silence, plus water-saving range

Bosch Eco Silence dishwasher

Bosch claims its new Eco Silence dishwasher is so quiet it’s barely above a whisper – while its new AquaStar models ‘use less water than ever’, without compromising on wash performance.

We’ll be putting these big claims to the test as soon as we can, but until then we’ve already tested over 160 dishwashers, including 26 Bosch models, in our – where we measure noise, water and energy efficiency.

‘Whisper quiet’ Eco Silence dishwasher

According to Bosch, the Eco Silence Logixx (model SMS69L22GB) emits just 38 decibels (dB) when using its Eco 50 program – slightly louder than a whisper, which measures at around 35dB.

If it’s as quiet as it says, you’ll be able to run it at night – to take advantage of cheaper night rate electricity tariffs such as Economy 7, for example – without waking the family. It’s available in white, and benefits from six programs, an LED display, delayed start and an extra-dry setting Bosch says can get trickier items such as tupperware dry.

The one pictured is freestanding, but integrated and semi-integrated versions – which fit more seamlessly into your kitchen –  are also available. These are slightly louder, at 41dB. The Eco Silence Logixx is on sale now at stores including Appliances Online and Marks and Spencer from around £560.

If you’re considering buying a Bosch appliance, head straight to our Bosch dishwasher reviews.

Aquastar water-saving dishwashers

Bosch is also introducing a range of water-efficient appliances in its new Aquastar collection – the ‘world’s most water efficient dishwashers’. These models use sensors to adjust the washing cycle according to how many items you have in there, and claims to use just 6.5 litres of water during a full load of 13 place settings.

The dishwashers have an ‘Active Water’ system which recycles some of the water, by saving clean water from the final rinse of one wash to use as the first wash next time you run the machine. We were impressed with the water-saving credentials of an earlier Bosch model, the , that features a similar system.

The freestanding Bosch Exxcel AquaStar (model number SMS65E12GB) is A++ rated for energy efficiency and boasts the usual range of programs, along with extra dry, half-load and ‘speed perfect’ functions. It also has a child lock and time delay. It’s on sale now from around £480.

Built-in and semi-integrated versions also available, in white or silver.

Dishwasher efficiency

We test dishwashers using their normal wash program as well as any energy saving or ‘eco’ modes, and measure how much water and electricity they consume. We also measure how noisy they are – and of course how well they wash and dry the dishes. In our video guide, our dishwashers expert reveals what makes a

Our last round of dishwasher tests uncovered some significant variations in energy use between dishwashers – with one machine using 38% more energy than average, while another was 20% more efficient.

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