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Top 10 drilling tips revealed

New video guide shows how best to use a drill

Which? has teamed up with DIY expert Roger Bisby to bring you 10 top tips for getting the best results from your drill.

See Roger in action below, and to find the best cordless combination drill or drill driver for you, read our full cordless drill reviews which reveals 11 Best Buy drills for different budgets.


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Top 10 drilling tips

1. Hidden pipes and cables – always check walls for hidden pipes or cables before drilling. The areas above below and either side of a switch or socket are no-go areas.
2. Battery costs – find out the cost of replacement batteries before buying a cordless drill. The battery can cost more than you paid for the whole kit, so go for a drill with two batteries.
3. Drill bits – choose the right drill bit for the job: masonry, metal or wood.
4. Hammer drilling – don’t select the hammer action if the drill bit is rotary and non-hammer.
5. Drilling hard materials – on hard materials such as concrete, prevent the drill bit overheating by regularly withdrawing from the hole.
6. Avoid drills jamming – when drilling downwards pull the drill out regularly to clear the dust and prevent the drill bit jamming.
7. Tungsten drill bits – don’t plunge tungsten carbide-tipped drill bits into cold water to cool them – if you do this, it could crack the weld.
8. Using a drill – select different speeds for drilling brick, metal and wood; low speeds for brick and higher speeds for metal and wood. Most brickwork can be drilled with rotary drill bits without hammer action.
9. Cheap drill bits – avoid drill bit sets that offer hundreds of pieces for less than £20. They’re likely to make your drill work harder than it should.
10. Cooling the drill – if the motor on your electric drill starts to warm up too much and smell, remove the drill from the hole and run it at full-speed with no load. This will draw air into the windings and cool the motor down.

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