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Which? looks at Snuza Go sensor baby monitor

Can this baby monitor give you peace of mind?

Snuza Go baby monitor

The Snuza Go is a new monitor designed to sound an alarm if your baby stops breathing. At £55, can it compete with the other movement sensors on the market? We asked a new parent to try it out and share his first impressions.

The new Snuza Go is a movement sensor that clips onto your baby’s nappy. If your baby stops breathing, the Snuza Go will sound the alarm to grab your attention.

We gave the monitor to a new parent for him to try out with his baby at home, to see if this monitor works well or if it triggers any false alarms. Find out how he got on by reading his first impressions of the Snuza Go.

Snuza Go baby movement monitor

When you clip the Snuza Go onto your baby’s nappy, the soft rubber tip presses against baby’s tummy. The sensor is designed to pick up the movement caused by breathing, so if there is no movement for 20 seconds an alarm is sounded. You can choose for the alarm to be sounded after 15 or 18 seconds if you prefer.

According to Snuza, its other version of this monitor – the Snuza Hero – will also alert you if your baby’s movements are very weak or fall to fewer than eight movements per minute.

Baby monitor reviews

We have tested more than 30 baby monitors from the leading brands. Our Best Buy baby monitors have the best range, great sound quality and excellent battery life.

The Snuza Go is an alternative to audio baby monitors that come with sensor pads to detect if your baby stops moving. All movement sensor monitors have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to striking the right balance between reassurance and anxiety.

The Lullaby Trust (formerly FSID – the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths) has said there is no evidence that this kind of monitoring can prevent cot death.

You can read our baby monitor reviews to find the best model for you.

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