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Safety alert: Replace Axkid Kidzofix child car seat

Isofix connectors released in Which? crash tests

Axkid Kidzofix child car seat

A new type of Isofix connector has been blamed for poor Axkid Kidzofix test results

Which? is advising parents who own the Axkid Kidzofix Group 0+ child car seat to check its serial number urgently, after this seat achieved the lowest possible score in our independent car seat tests.

Parents who already own this seat should check its serial number to find if they own one with a new style of Isofix connectors, blamed for the poor result in our test.

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Axkid Kidzofix – Don’t Buy

The Axkid Kidzofix is not widely available in the UK, however it is sold by importers of European extended rear-facing child car seats. 

The Kidzofix is versatile Group 1/2 child car seat that can be used as an extended rear-facing car seat for children from 9-25kg (approximately nine months to six year old). 

This child car seat has passed the regulatory tests required by ECE R44/04 to be sold as suitable for children from 9-25kg. But it scored just 0% overall in our more demanding, independent crash tests. 

Our simulated frontal crash test exceeds the limits of the mandatory standards that the Kidzofix is designed to meet. However the Kidzofix was clearly not up to withstanding the forces of our severe (but realistic) front impact crash – both Isofix connectors detached, leaving the child seat and crash test dummy flying into the front of the car.

This gave it a test score of 0% in this mode – one of the four that it can be used in – and we also obtained poor results in two other modes.

Kidzofix child car seat detaches

In a front impact the Isofix connectors break loose and the car seat flies forward

As we do not believe that failure in the frontal impact can be compensated for, even with good ratings in other criteria, we have limited the overall result of the Kidzofix to 0%.

To find out more about the reasons for the poor performance of Kidzofix visit our full review of the Axkid Kidzofix. 

The Which? child car seats tests

Which? tests child car seats in collaboration with other European consumer and motoring organisations. 

Our tests, carried out by the test lab of the German car club ADAC, are well-respected for their contribution to driving an improvement in the standard of child car seat safety over the last decade.

We test child car seats in front and side impact crash simulations. Both tests are developed from Euro NCAP crash test loads, which are based on typical real-life crashes.

Our results indicate that a child using the Axkid Kidzofix would be at risk of serious injury in the crashes we simulated. 

Other car seats that we’ve tested, particularly our Best Buys, do a better job of restraining a child and reducing the forces placed on a child’s body in a crash.

Axkid identifies affected batches

In a statement posted on its Swedish website Axkid summarised the findings of the ADAC test as showing that the Isofix connectors of the current Kidzofix model could not withstand the crash forces involved in the test. It is investigating the matter further. 

‘We want to emphasize that it applies only to these new Isofix arms, introduced in June 2013. A chair purchased before that date does not have this problem because it has a different Isofix component that has been tested in high-speed tests like ADAC. 

‘That this poor component has reached the market is very unfortunate as we have done tests with it according to the latest ECE R44/04.’

A statement on the axkid.co.uk website says it will be contacting everyone affected, but urges parents to get in touch if they have any questions by emailing sales@axkid.co.uk or calling 01666 510 555 or 01666 825 585.

Its statement says: ‘As part of recent exhaustive ADAC testing we have been informed that Axonkids want to locate a batch of the Kidzofix seats. These are seats with serial numbers 13165 to 17656. 

‘Please check your serial number, which is located on the back of the seat. If you have one of these seats, please contact your retailer immediately who will take action to replace it.

‘This affects only a limited number of Kidzofix seats and no other Axkid product is affected.’

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