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Which? tries the new Vax Floormate Trio

Does this new 3-in-1 hard floor cleaner do it all?

Vax Floormate Trio HF86-FM-T

Vax Floormate Trio – a one-stop solution for cleaning hard floors?

The Vax Floormate Trio HF86-FM-T is one of two new hard floor cleaners from floorcare brand Vax, which aim to lighten the load for those of us who are sick of juggling a mop, bucket and vacuum cleaner in the quest for shiny floors.

The £170 Floormate Trio HF86-FM-T is a three-in-one vacuum, floor washer and drier, which Vax says will give a ‘professional level of clean’ with minimal effort. 

It’s quite a claim, so to find out if it’s any more convenient to use than more traditional ways of keeping floors clean, we asked a Which? researcher to try it out – find out our first impressions in our first look review of the Vax Floormate Trio.

Hard floor cleaning

The Floormate Trio vacuums wash and dry hard floors, meaning you can do a complete clean on your hard floors with only one machine. In theory this is a bonus compared to conventional mops, where you usually need to vacuum first.

They work in a similar way to Vax’s popular range of carpet cleaners – scrubbing brushes loosen dirt and grime with the help of warm water and detergent, and any dirty water is then sucked back up into the machine. 

In our first look review, our researcher gives her view on whether this dedicated floor washer is a worthwhile investment. If your home has more carpets than hard floors, you can also find out how Vax carpet cleaners have fared in our tough tests by visiting our carpet cleaner reviews. We’ve also reviewed and rated more than 50 steam cleaners and mops.

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