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Don’t waste white wine on red wine stains

Which carpet stain remover is best for red wine?

Red wine stain

We’ve tested home remedies and carpet stain removers to find the best for tackling red wine

If you spill red wine on your carpet over Christmas, don’t reach for the white wine to pour over the stain. We put this household remedy to the test in our lab, alongside carpet stain remover products you can buy from the supermarket, and found that it doesn’t work.

White wine lovers can rejoice – no longer should your favourite tipple be wasted in an effort to clean up after a red wine spillage. Thanks to our lab tests, we can reveal that white wine is actually rubbish at removing red wine stains, so you’re much better off drinking it instead.

You can find out which stain removers actually work to banish red wine stains – take a look at our Best Buy carpet stain removers

Best Buy stain removers

When we tested white wine as a stain remover in our lab, we found that the red wine stain didn’t budge and the white wine left a pungent smell. 

And don’t even think about reaching for the salt cellar as an alternative. Our lab tests found salt was also ineffective at removing the stain, and the salt granules got stuck in the carpet.

Not all shop-bought carpet stain removers are equal. The worst we saw – our Don’t Buys – had no effect on red wine. A Best Buy will reduce this tough stain to a faint mark, after just one application.

The gallery below shows the difference between white wine, a Best Buy and a Don’t Buy carpet stain remover on red wine stains.

Stubborn red wine stains

Red wine stains are one of the most common stains our members face and they’re particularly hard to shift, especially once dry.

So to separate out the Best Buy carpet stain removers from the Don’t Buys, we assess how well they remove this stain as well as tea, chocolate spread, mud, coffee, curry and Ribena.

We also check whether each product will bleach your carpet, so you can be sure that your carpet is safe when cleaned with one of our Best Buys.

Check our full carpet stain remover results to find out which products actually work and which you shouldn’t waste your money on.

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